Pastor R.D. Bernard’s new book, ‘Pastoring Through A Pandemic’ is an honest account highlighting the church’s spiritual support during the second wave of pandemic

Pastor R.D. Bernard, a senior pastor at King Solomon Baptist Church in Mississippi, a regular contributor to newspapers and periodicals, a co-host of The Preacher’s Corner which is a weekly radio show broadcast across Mississippi, a godly husband and father; has completed his new book, “Pastoring Through A Pandemic: Battling the Second Wave of Covid-19”: a deeply absorbing anthology where the author shares his experience in pastoring amidst the threat of a deadly virus out there. In this gripping journey, Pastor Bernard showed the perfect example on how a church, led by the love of God, should respond to a crisis. In a spiritual battle that chronicles a sixty-five period in the life of the members of King Solomon Baptist Church, the readers are presented with the problems faced and actions taken by the church.

Bernard writes, “In Deacon Sandles’s absence, I looked over the church’s financial records very carefully. I had a long conversation with Sister Coleman, who is worried that Deacon Sandles may die. She saw him Sunday. She said he looked so dark and was very weak. I encouraged her about his condition without giving any false hope (journal entry, Wednesday, June 23).

The second wave of COVID-19 began with the extended sickness and downward spiral of the chairman of the deacons, one of the chief voices in favor of continuing to meet despite public opposition.

How would a church and pastor, already pushed to the brink of mental and spiritual exhaustion, deal with his sickness, then the eventual sicknesses and deaths of others within its ranks? The church would meet the true enemy, the virus itself, up close and personal.”

Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Pastor R.D. Bernard’s new book is a powerful testimony that will never be forgotten by those who believe in the glory and mercy of the Creator. An unforgettable era about a deadly virus and a sudden change in leadership due to unforeseen circumstances that threatened the church’s foundation.

Readers can purchase “Pastoring Through A Pandemic: Battling the Second Wave of Covid-19” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.

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Source: Covenant Books