Pandemic Isolation Often Increases Sitting, Thus Exasperating Knee Pain

CopperJoint knee compression sleeve reviews are showcasing benefits not only for the active, but also those who are inactive. Knee osteoarthritis, runners knee, patellofemoral (PFP) or simply sitting for an extended duration will lead to, or vastly exasperate, knee pain.

COVID-19 has changed the way many live, from how we work to the amount of daily activity we embark upon in this self-quarantined, remote and virtual connected world. It may be commonplace to experience knee pain from exhaustive and/or repetitive exertion. However, the simple act of sitting for an extended duration is now proving a culprit of knee pain and discomfort.

Harvard Medical School linked sitting to an early death, however, they also quantified how much sitting is considering too much. Their findings illustrated that sitting for six to eight hours a day is potentially a health risk for you. Considering that a sizable portion of the workforce is now operating remotely, and even in recreation many turn to their computer screens, this length of time is not only plausible, but it can also be the daily norm for many.

Beyond the overarching health risks that sitting for an extended duration may pose, it has been linked to knee pain, as well as the exasperation of medical conditions such as arthritis, patellofemoral (PFP) and runner’s knee.  

Stefano Starkel, founder and CEO of, shared his commitment in supporting relief: “An ounce of prevention has always proved prudent, during times of pandemic, certainly, but at all times of life as well. CopperJoint offers supportive compression garments and knee sleeves that are designed to aid in prevention and recovery. We encourage people to stand, stretch and move every 30 minutes, to avoid long seated durations and to remain active, while supporting their knees and joints to prevent unnecessary injury.”

Lifestyle changes can always be the catalyst for routines that pose health risks. However, they can also be a time where commitment to better health paves a path to maintaining quality of life. By knowing the risks, exercising, and supporting your knees and joints, many ailments could be avoided or recovery may be stimulated.  

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