Outward Bound Establishes Cornerstone Fund with Over $1.2M in Scholarships; Brown Advisory makes transformative gift, $250,000

Joseph R. Hardiman, James R. Garrett, Jim Smith, Brett Rogers, Ginger Mihalik, Richard Frisch at Cornerstone (Photo: Brian O’Doherty)

“Creating impact – real impact – for the communities in which we live and work has been an essential part of Brown Advisory’s DNA since our beginnings,” said Mike Hankin, President and CEO, Brown Advisory.

Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound School’s (CBOBS) annual event, The Cornerstone Celebration, returned in-person this May for the first time since 2019. Since then, and throughout the pandemic, an urgent need emerged for today’s youth in Baltimore and Washington, DC, two regions served by CBOBS. After two years of isolation, students have struggled to “return to normal.” Educators not only need to teach reading, writing and arithmetic; they need to support the students’ sense of belonging within a community, reconnect them with school and peers, help them reflect and process, and develop courage to tackle their futures. Schools are looking to Outward Bound to help, but without scholarship funds to support the schools that need us, it seemed impossible.

In stepped four of the school’s founding members, each of whom still sits on the Board of Trustees—Richard Frisch, James R. Garrett, Joseph R. Hardiman, and Jim Smith. Together, the four founding board members have dedicated more than 40 years of serving youth in high need communities. To date, nearly 100,000 students have participated in an Outward Bound program because of their commitment and vision.

With personal commitments, the four founding members established The Cornerstone Fund with an initial investment of $225,000. They then challenged the philanthropic and corporate communities in Baltimore and Washington, DC, to support the Fund.

“Whenever I’m here and able to see the mix of kids going through our programs, I know we’re doing good, but this was a way to commit my life to trying to do even a little better,” shared Richard Frisch.

In response to their initial gift, the philanthropic community stepped up. Brown Advisory, which holds a long-term relationship with Outward Bound, answered the call with a $250,000 donation.

“Creating impact – real impact – for the communities in which we live and work has been an essential part of Brown Advisory’s DNA since our beginnings,” said Mike Hankin, President and CEO, Brown Advisory. “In giving more students the transformative opportunity to participate in an Outward Bound program, we believe that The Cornerstone Fund will be a difference-maker for our region,” said Hankin.

The Cornerstone Fund will provide valuable resources to support students from the greater Baltimore and Washington DC regions. Almost 40 years ago, the four founding board members saw first-hand the positive impact an Outward Bound program had on young people and dedicated their time and resources to building a strong foundation in which to grow and serve as many kids in our community as possible. Currently, the Fund reached a total of $1,219,864.

“We have lofty goals. We are determined to ensure all children in Baltimore and Washington, DC, have access to a high-quality character-building education. The plan is to double the number of students we serve over the next five years – that’s 12,000 students by 2027—and expand access of our Character Curriculum to every teacher in the regions we serve,” said Ginger Mihalik, Executive Director, Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound School. “Brown Advisory is making that possible with their contribution to The Cornerstone Fund,” said Mihalik.

Bobbie, an alumna of CBOBS who spoke at the Cornerstone Celebration said, “I would like to thank our four Founders for creating this wonderful program… Outward Bound is a life-changing experience for teenagers like myself.”

“When I think about what these programs provide for kids of Baltimore City and beyond—I believe it’s quite a legacy and will continue for many years to come. I’m excited about the future of Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound School,” reflects founding Board member Joseph R. Hardiman.

Donors to The Cornerstone Fund include (alphabetical): John Avirett, Richard Berndt, Andy & Sana Brooks, Eddie & Sylvia Brown, Brown Advisory, Bunting Family Foundation, George Bunting, Alfred and Muriel Berkely, Clinton & Diana Daly, Feather Foundation at the request of James R. & Edith H. Garrett, Richard W. Frisch, A.C. & Kathryn George, Joe & Kathy Hardiman, Henry Hopkins, A.C. & Penney Hubbard Foundation, Peter R. & Cynthia A. Kellogg, Andrea Laporte, Earl & Darielle Linehan, Mary & Jim Miller, Tom O’Neil, Katrina Peters, Jim Riepe, Brett & Vicky Rogers, Mary & Frederick Savage, Truman Semans, Jim & Rosie Smith, M. David & Adena Testa, William L. and Victorine Q. Adams Foundation.

About The Cornerstone Fund
Seeded by four founding board members — Richard Frisch, James R. Garrett, Joseph R. Hardiman, and Jim Smith – the Fund is a catalyst to secure scholarship support for students from Washington, DC and Baltimore to participate in Outward Bound programs. If you are interested to learn more about the Cornerstone Fund or wish to make a contribution, please email cornerstone@outwardboundchesapeake.org

About Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound School
Outward Bound, founded in 1941 by educator Kurt Hahn, is a non-profit educational organization that serves people of all ages and backgrounds through challenging learning expeditions that focus on character development, leadership and service. Outward Bound helps individuals and teams discover strength of character and an aptitude for leadership needed to serve others in their community and care for the world around them. Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound School, established in 1986, delivers programs for students and educators throughout the Baltimore and Washington DC areas. For more information, go to https://www.outwardboundchesapeake.org/.