Orange Neurosciences’ Digital Therapy Platform is Helping Neurodiverse Students Overcome Pandemic Challenges

Kingston, Canada, September 30, 2021 –(– With elementary, secondary and post-secondary students returning to school, reading skills are among a long list of abilities that the pandemic has affected.

A recent study by Stanford University states that reading skills have stalled among students due to school closures, with reading fluency in second and third graders reduced by 30 percent compared to a typical school year. For example, neurodiverse students with learning differences (LD), ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) – who have had very little one-on-one therapy during successive lockdowns – are now entering the school year with diminished reading and comprehension capabilities. Psychologists confirm that LD compounds mental health issues like depression and anxiety already worsened by the pandemic.

So, what can be done to help neurodiverse students with learning differences or cognitive challenges achieve success at school while improving their mental health?

Say “hello” to ReadON.

Launched in 2017 by Orange Neurosciences – an organization of experts in biotechnology, bioinformatics, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, digital therapy and software engineering – ReadON is a digital cognitive therapy software that combines the science of neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to retrain itself) and artificial intelligence to “rewire” a student’s brain and adopt imperative skills for reading and comprehension.

An affordable, non-pharmacological therapy that parents can use at home with remote assistance from a facilitator, ReadON, is designed for those over six who struggle to read and write fluently and comprehend at grade level. ReadON ultimately improves attention, focus and self-confidence, language barriers and more. ReadON leverages visual, auditory and cognitive stimuli through exciting, gamified therapy modules to boost phonemic awareness and fluent reading by separating words into stretched sound parcels and creating connections between auditory and visual pathways. This gameplays strengthen working memory, coding-decoding skills, eye tracking and improve executive functioning skills through multiple, simultaneous demands, performance feedback and problem-solving.

The inspiration for ReadON began when its founder and former university professor, Dr. Vinay Singh, recognized the challenges that post-secondary students and adults with ADHD faced with little-to-no learning disability resources available after the age of 18. Dr. Singh realized that early intervention for children with learning disabilities was vital.

“I felt that better options were needed for both academic institutions and for parents of neurodiverse children, to not only help children succeed early on at school, but to succeed later in life as well,” says Dr. Singh. “We needed an inclusive, non-pharmacological and affordable tool that could bridge the gap between education and mental health, a tool that could be used by educators at school, by therapists and, most importantly, by parents in the comfort of their own home. ReadON was born from that need.”

ReadON is being used around the globe by school boards, occupational therapists, speech-language specialists, special education teachers and psychologists. Educators, specialists and parents have seen life-altering changes in the children who have used ReadON. For example, a child with a learning difference struggling at school recently won runner-up in a spelling bee contest. Another student with autism spectrum disorder has been able to return to school and participate in regular classes.

Non-profit and other organizations willing to participate in a pilot program and parents wanting to participate in this research are eligible to access ReadON at no cost. ReadON can be managed remotely by professionals in a telemedicine style, providing services in hard-to-reach regions.

“Orange Neurosciences’ mission with ReadON is two-fold,” Dr. Singh says. “We want to provide parents of neurodiverse children with an affordable and effective solution to help their children succeed from the comfort of their own homes. More importantly, we want to allow neurodiverse students to not only overcome the mental and educational challenges that COVID-19 has posed upon them but to also thrive in school and carry that success from childhood into adulthood.”

About Orange Neurosciences
Orange Neurosciences is a digital healthcare company from Kingston, Ontario, Canada that brings next-generation cognitive therapies to address the needs of neurodiverse population, globally. is digital cognitive therapy platform to empower struggling readers.

Vinay Singh