Opus Mind: A Community of Middle Market M&A Professionals

Opus Mind, a peer-to-peer community by Opus Connect, is focused on personal growth and business development for middle market M&A professionals. To address the challenges created as a result of Covid-19, we launched Opus Mind with the intention of building relationships across the industry. This invitation-only mastermind group is designed to support professionals within the larger framework of the Opus Connect community.

Our philosophy at Opus Mind strives to champion authentic interactions that go beyond the surface level while placing value on new ideas and creating lasting connections. Opus Mind will support your business development goals through personalized groups with a goal of fostering a foundation for long-term relationships, enhancing your industry IQ, and strengthening your deal network. Members are vetted to see where they best fit and are grouped into smaller teams of 8-12 professionals that meet once per month for two-hour virtual sessions moderated by selected Opus Mind chairs.

Opus Connect CEO Lou Sokolovskiy discusses the value he has found in this level of community engagement and discussion: “As an M&A professional and entrepreneur, I have found mastermind groups like this one to be extremely critical to enhancing my success in closing deals and growing my businesses. Mastermind groups encourage me to think about myself and my career from a strategic point of view.”

These meetings are for industry leaders who are looking to elevate their current ways of thinking, discuss critical challenges, and engage in transformative conversations on a monthly basis.

Through the Opus Mind community, members increase their market intelligence, hold one another accountable for personal and professional growth, enhance one another’s skillsets by interacting with a vetted, quality peer group, and provide deal-making resources to enhance deal flow. Within the community, there are currently specialized groups in the following areas: Boston,, Midwest, New York,, SoCal, Southeast, Independent Sponsors, Real Estate, Young Leaders, and Women in M&A, with more being added as opportunities arise. Opus Connect prides itself on finding the right fit for members of Opus Mind and fostering rewarding business relationships.

For more information on how to become part of Opus Mind, visit us online at www.opusconnect.com/opusmind or contact Marisol Salcido at marisol@opusconnect.com. Follow Opus Connect on social media @opusconnect on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Source: Opus Connect