Optimism From Early Vaccine Trials is an Encouraging Sign for Many Businesses, According to PressRelease.com

Promising results from early COVID vaccine trials is providing a sense of relief for many business owners weary of another lockdown.

CEOs, entrepreneurs, and business owners are optimistic about the effectiveness of recent vaccine trials within the U.S., feeling that their businesses wouldn’t be able to endure a second shutdown in response to rising coronavirus cases according to PressRelase.com. Through simple and affordable press release distribution, PressRelease.com helps support businesses in their pursuit to grow brand awareness, website traffic, and leads, even amid a second wave of the pandemic.

“It’s amazing news for everyone. A number of our customers have expressed relief that these trials are so effective,” says Erik Rohrmann, COO of PressRelease.com. “Aside from the obvious, it has big implications for businesses. The possibility of an effective vaccine in the near future is the first step towards the possibility of returning to the normal we are accustomed to.”

Earlier this month, two American pharmaceutical companies, Pfizer and Moderna, announced their COVID-19 vaccines both showed over 90% effectiveness in clinical trials. The news comes as positive COVID cases reach 11.8 million in the United States. Drugmakers are expected to seek regulatory clearance in the near future, leaving many businesses optimistic about the impact it could have on other industries.

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