Oddup Launches Covid-19 Pandemic Predictive Tool to Track the Next Outbreak Locations

Oddup, the leading startup research platform that provides transparency for startups using data and analytics, announced today, the launch of its breakthrough COVID-19 predictive tool, which is able to detect the probability of a COVID-19 outbreak, anywhere across the globe for up to three months in advance.

Oddup has consistently been one of the leading and most reliable research and insights platforms, providing actionable insights for more than five years, actively tracking major entrepreneurial and investment activity across the globe, as well as tracking and predicting movements of digital assets in the crypto domain. With this established analytical expertise of tracking and foreseeing events based on various quantifiable data metrics, as cited by various global publications and media, Oddup aims to deploy this predictive tool to track and monitor the outbreaks and the effects of COVID-19.

Predicting the Outbreak

The Oddup powered COVID-19 tool is amongst one of the most reliable and up to date repositories of identifying if your location of interest is currently or potentially safe. This tool can be used to predict the trajectory of the global impact of COVID-19 outbreaks, using publicly listed data and Oddup’s various proprietary prediction models to determine where COVID-19 will potentially have outbreaks again, the geographical locations to avoid, and which countries and cities will have a smaller number of cases, optimum government intervention, adequate medical coverage, and hence, be relatively safe to be in.

James Giancotti, Co-founder of Oddup said: “The world has gone through uncertainty and concern regarding this pandemic, with the introduction of Oddup’s Covid-19 predictive tool, we aim on helping companies, governments and individuals plan for the future.

The tool allows us to identify patterns, behaviours and movements of this virus and has helped us to build comprehensive analysis of where the next outbreak may occur,” James said.

Oddup has also released a report, detailing observations and recommendations for governments globally to effectively deal with this crisis and highlighting Oddup’s analytical prowess. The use of this new tool and information generated as well as the report of its current findings empowers various decision-making and policy designing stakeholders to track the viral situation, review the responses from various governing bodies on how they can effectively tackle the pandemic, and assess the effect of the responses on the spread of the virus. The “Oddup Safety Score” for a country, along with the indicative sub-scores inform important metrics like the efficiency of a government response, and availability of appropriate medical personnel and equipment among others, determining a nation’s suitability to serve as a safe haven during this pandemic.

The tool highlights countries which are currently at risk, relatively safe, and the geographies that are most likely to experience another outbreak of the virus. In addition, it recommends a set of targeted, immediate actions and safety deployments that countries should consider at a local, regional, national, and international level so that essential services can be maintained, and the economy can be strategically revived, all while safely navigating through these unprecedented times.

The current data that Oddup has been able to collate at the time of this launch is free on the company’s website for everyone to track the current situation of COVID-19 globally. Premium subscribers can gain access to the predictive reporting tool.

About Oddup

Oddup is an end-to-end data-driven research platform and insights provider that focuses on various startup technology ecosystems. Oddup tracks entrepreneurial and investment activity across the globe in all major startup hubs, and rates startups, investors, industries and locations with a rating score from zero to 100. It is based on the combination of analyst viewpoints and the industry-leading A.I. data algorithm, the Oddup Score.

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