North Carolina’s Premier Ship Models Receives the Queen’s Enterprise Award

Morganton, NC, October 30, 2021 –(– Based in Potters Bar, the creators of the world’s largest ship in a bottle, Premier Ship Models (PSM) received the 2021 Queen’s Enterprise Award, for its outstanding role in the field of international trade. Export sales with over 85 countries worldwide, account for more than 80% of the company’s business. Despite a tough pandemic-riddled year, PSM maintained its resilience, and high-quality of craftsmanship, supporting the UK’s exports at a critical time. The company saw a significant uptick in its international sales, despite global lockdowns, as customers resorted to model making as a pastime during the period.

Lord-Lieutenant of Hertfordshire, Robert Voss gave the award to Chief Executive Officer Rashid Lalloo, who launched this business over 20 years ago, and has kept it going strong through his huge expertise in shipping, trade and finance. Mr. Lalloo said that the award is a reflection of the huge global demand for the models, and provides a fresh impetus to the business. He expressed awe for his team members, who did not compromise on the quality of the products, despite personal setbacks.

The company still follows traditional approaches on using a “plank on frame” construction base for model-making by hand; from scratch. At the same time, it has also adopted modern technologies with changing times, like 3D printing to achieve detailed accuracy of ship models.

The company’s current product range includes ready-made ship models, model boat kits, acrylic display cases, 3D printed models, pirate ship models, architectural models and restoration projects.

Premier Ship Models is a renowned brand name globally and specialize in the creation of bespoke and remarkable models of tankers, yachts, bulk carriers, and containerships, backed by an extremely skilled workforce. Among its clientele, includes the world’s top companies, and museums.

It has completed over 200 custom-built projects, with its masterpieces on display in museums like the Danish Maritime Museum, Oman’s Across the Ages Museum, and the American Museum of Natural History. In 2010, commissioned by the Mayor of London, the Company built “Nelson’s Ship in a Bottle.”’ This is a scale replica of the British warship HMS Victory, which was originally designed to be placed at the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square in London.

The ship had 37 large sails, made of richly patterned textiles of African design. It was eventually sold to the National Maritime Museum for approximately £300,000, where it is currently on display.

About the Company: USA-based Premier Ship Models is a creator of high-quality ship models, which are known for their intricate and detailed craftsmanship. Both the directors of the company have years of experience in the field of trade and shipping and have made high quality service a keystone for the business.

The company’s e-commerce website can be accessed by global customers to order customized models, such as tankers, yachts, bulk carriers, container ships, according to their budgets. Premier Ship Models offers over 500 ready-made ships and boats in 3 ranges, based on price and detail, with the standard being the entry-level to the top-most premier level.

To suit their requirements, the company has established many workshops worldwide. The website is available in 4 currencies for convenience.