NO 1 Carpet Cleaning Melbourne Begins Early EOFY Carpet Cleaning Specials

Melbourne, Australia, May 28, 2022 –(– Get Discounts on Services All Month.

NO 1 Carpet Cleaning Melbourne, a highly-rated carpet cleaning service in the Melbourne metropolitan area, has announced the early start of its End Of Financial Year promo to begin at the start of June every year from now on.

The company, which caters to different classes and tiers of clients, has confirmed that customers would be able to get discounts on cleaning services early, extending the promo from the start of June all the way until the end of July. As many know, the EOFY period runs through the last weekend of June of every year. Starting this year, the sale will begin at the beginning of June and run for 2 months.

Explaining the reason for it, executives at NO 1 Carpet Cleaning Melbourne explained that the EOFY period is always the busiest period of the year. The company experienced a similar trend this year, and they decided to offer continued discounts to customers who were unable to book carpet cleaning services for one reason or the other.

Tim Summer, one of the company’s executives, explained “We had an incredible rise in traffic and orders during the EOFY period, and some customers were sadly unable to book their carpet cleaning on time. Instead of leaving them in the dark, we’ve decided to bring them into the fold and start our EOFY promo early. This way, we believe that everyone will be able to benefit from this period.”

NO 1 Carpet Cleaning Melbourne has also pointed out that it is looking to make up for lost ground. The coronavirus pandemic affected the company’s operations all through the past year, but it believes in its ability to cover ground with this extension. They further said that “We know how much our activities were affected last year, and we still felt the effects this year as well. Now that restrictions are being lifted and we can maintain our operations full time, we want to give our customers enough time and leeway to order our services and enjoy what we offer.”

Considering that the EOFY period is limited, it is quite uncommon for companies to extend the promo’s validity period. NO 1 Carpet Cleaning Melbourne believes that this could also help customers to patronize it even more. The rationale is to keep customers hooked on its services, so much so that they are motivated to stay for the long term.

Some of the other things to note about the EOFY extension include:

– Discounts are valid on select services alone.
– Customers would need to call in advance to book their carpet cleaning.
– The promo also extends to additional services – such as stain removal, bond cleaning, sug cleaning, and more.

NO 1 Carpet Cleaning Melbourne is weighing the feasibility of a Christmas promo to come later in the year. The company believes that there are several additional promo options, many of which will provide customers with the opportunity to enjoy discounts.

About NO 1 Carpet Cleaning Melbourne

NO 1 Carpet Cleaning Melbourne operates as a full-service carpet cleaning company. The company is based in Melbourne, Australia, and it offers high-quality carpet cleaning to customers in the city and its environs.

For over a decade, NO 1 Carpet Cleaning Melbourne has operated with the mission to offer a first-class cleaning service to businesses and residents in the Melbourne area. The company and its staff are fully insured and licensed, and they work hard to ensure that cleaning services are provided to the highest possible standards.

Besides carpets, NO 1 Carpet Cleaning Melbourne also caters to your rugs, blinds, curtains, mattresses, floors and tiles, upholstery, and more. If you need something cleaned, they’re the right company for the job.

NO 1 Carpet Cleaning Melbourne has set itself apart in the industry for its ability to deliver on quality services at all times. The company maintains a strong base of professional staff members, many of whom are experienced and equipped with the very best tools on the market. With all of this, it has managed to ensure quality service delivery.

At the same time, NO 1 Carpet Cleaning Melbourne offers its services at an affordable price. Whatever the price, customers can rest assured that they will be able to get proper carpet and upholstery cleaning services at all times.

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Phone Number: 03 8595 9900
Address: Address: Level 4, 189 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Vic 3000
Hours: 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday