NJ MED’s 2021 3rd Quarter Education Rankings Are Out

New York, NY, October 02, 2021 –(PR.com)– NJ MED (New Jersey Minority Educational Development) released their third-quarter rankings of the World’s Top 20 Education system this month. The rankings cover the development of students from the ages of 3 to 25.

This quarter’s top-ranked nation was Denmark, followed by Sweden, Finland, Israel and Canada. The key factor in the rankings was the ability of nations to open schools on time and maintain levels of safety for students and school staff.

Mr. Albert Mitchell II, CEO/Founder of NJ MED, said, “The pandemic has caused havoc on nation’s education systems. From teaching, emotional growth, and mental health for students, teachers, and parents that are trapped in an uncertain life cycle. Of what is going to happen next.”

Mr. Mitchell added, “Without strong government leadership, a defined organizational structure from education to health departments to teacher unions, and communication strategy from schools to parents. There is no way children are learning and developing social skills to advance their well-being.”

Mr. Mitchell said, “By mandating vaccines, wearing masks, and social distancing, our children are being programmed to behave in mass obedience. That kills their creative spirits. The less restrictive countries are providing an environment children can learn and feel safe. These are the countries that understand the importance of developing the human mind.”

NJ MED’s complete ranking of the top 20 nations in their third-quarter ranking can be found on their website https://worldtop20.org/worldbesteducationsystem.

For more information about the ranking system and NJ MED, please contact Mr. Shomar Moore at support@worldtop20.org.