NFT Poker “play to earn” game will pay real cash value for playing free poker

Poker Dogs Club NFT Play to Earn Game

Poker Dogs Club NFT Play to Earn Game

Poker Dog Club NFT holders will be able to earn real cash value while playing free poker.

The online gambling industry is a US$66 billion dollar business, and is expected to grow to US$93 billions by 2023. Poker takes up a big chunk of that pie.

Poker is becoming considerably popular for online gaming, doubling the numbers of players each year. The rapid advancement of technology is making it easier and trustable for gamblers to get into online gaming. The pandemic was a key factor for the increase in new players, mainly in the popular online poker platforms.

An important thing to notice is the impact of cryptocurrency in iGaming, especially in the poker sector. Crypto have opened a whole world of possibilities for online poker. Better security, faster transactions and more privacy. A great count of poker players are expected to use cryptocurrency in 2022.

Within the crypto sector, a trend that will revolutionize online poker are the NFT related “play-to-earn” games. This new model give players the chance to earn by playing.

Poker Dog Club NFT is a project that is offering its holders access to a play-to-earn game. It’s rapidly taking traction in the NFT and poker space. It’s a collection of only 7,777 unique poker related NFTs, backed by celebrity poker player Scotty Nguyen. It has a vibrant community and attractive artworks.

Buying one of these NFTs will give users access to a first of its kind play-to-earn poker game where players will earn real cash value by playing poker. Users will also be able to delegate their NFTs so other users can play poker for them by sharing the revenue, creating a passive income stream for the owner. Nothing better than playing the game users love and earn cash while doing it.

Breeding will also be introduced, where NFT holders will be able to generate new NFTs that they can later sell or delegate to earn passive income.

Poker Dogs Club NFT mint is happening on January 30th. Details are available on their website and discord server

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