NextSession Revolutionizes How Mental Health Professionals Access Resources and Get Support from Their Peers

Los Angeles, CA, September 29, 2021 –(– NextSession, a user-generated content platform for verified Mental Health Professionals, provides clinicians with access to a robust digital library of resources between sessions. NextSession allows for real-time peer support with worksheets, interventions, book recommendations, podcast suggestions and a discussions feature that allows clinicians to contribute relevant information to improve patient care.

Demand for mental health care skyrocketed during the start of the widespread COVID-19 pandemic and continues to rise. The rapidly growing demand has placed a strain on mental health professionals to manage caseloads and to field new referrals. NextSession helps clinicians:

– Access and easily navigate professional resources and peer support.
– Strengthen and establish referral networks by specialization and geographic location.
– Support their clients with the most useful information sourced by their colleagues.
– Gain credibility for their knowledge and skills amongst their peers.

Maria Evans, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and co-founder of NextSession said, “Clinicians have historically turned to widely used social platforms like Facebook to source materials for client sessions. NextSession is creating a space for mental health professionals with strict moderation to maintain client confidentiality and to systemize the digital exchange of information among mental health professionals.”

“Our digital network continues to evolve and transform how we bring communities together. The recent success of Clubhouse is an example of how innovation connects professionals by harnessing the power of focused social networks,” said Tamar Gordon, co-founder and CEO of the company. “NextSession makes it possible for clinicians worldwide to connect, share, and access useful information vetted by their peers, more competitively priced than other clinical resource solutions and with significantly less time spent scouring the web.”

About NextSession

Tamar Gordon, Maria Evans, Andrey Izotov and Arseny Izotov founded NextSession with a mission to provide clinicians with professional, accessible and affordable tools.

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