Next Level Urgent Care (NLUC) Welcomes New Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Martin Kus Joins NLUC, Maps Plan for Occupational Medicine Program Growth

Next Level Urgent Care, LLC welcomes Martin S. Kus, MD, MPH as chief medical officer (CMO), overseeing the organization’s rapidly growing occupational medicine program.

Dr. Kus, who joined the organization at the peak of the pandemic, has already outlined plans to further expand the robust Next Level Urgent Care occupational medicine program, harnessing the company’s distinguishing components – employer relationships, commitment to innovation, adaptability and the unified goal to provide better healthcare that links the entire Next Level team together.

“I knew I joined a unique organization and feel a bit like a pioneer charting new territory in healthcare given the approach that Next Level Urgent Care takes in providing truly customized, employer-specific healthcare solutions,” said Dr. Kus, who brings extensive occupational medicine experience and military focus to the CMO position.

“This organization makes itself available to employers in a way I have not seen before.  Taking calls night and day, there is an unwavering commitment to meeting the employer’s need no matter what it takes. That’s the real ‘bottom line’ by which everyone here is driven and success is defined.  It is refreshing,” said Dr. Kus.

According to Dr. Juliet Breeze, Next Level Urgent Care founder and CEO, the addition of Dr. Kus will enrich the team’s scope of knowledge and perspective, further advancing occupational medicine efforts.

“We could not be more pleased to have Dr. Kus join our team.  His expertise in occupational medicine, workforce compliance and specialty examinations will enable us to streamline processes and maximize employer benefit.  He is an exceptional addition,” said Breeze.

Dr. Kus, who also served over his decade long career as an assistant adjunct professor at Duke University Occupational and Environmental Medicine (OEM) and Diving Medical Officer for the 4th Reconnaissance Battalion -USMC, is charged with one of the most important components of the Next Level WorX employer program.

While helping employers of varied industries and work environments navigate COVID-19 return to work guidelines, Dr. Kus also plans to streamline OEM processes to ensure greater financial benefit to employers and enhanced healthcare access and services to their employees.

Depending on employer need, Next Level WorX can provide work injury care, general wellness/biometrics/health risk assessments, health coaching (weight loss/smoking cessation), emotional wellness coaching/mental health resources, specialty physicals (DOT/pre-employment), drug screen services and more.

All Next Level Urgent Care clinics provide onsite x-ray and other diagnostic equipment as well as a broad range of healthcare services and treatments – from sprains and lacerations to ear, nose and throat conditions, gastrointestinal disorders and upper respiratory infections, with extended hours seven days a week. Onsite visits and contract pricing for occupational medicine and work injury care are also offered.

Contact Next Level Urgent Care for more information on employer programs, or call 281.783.8162. 

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