New Security Gladiators Report Details Shocking Cybercrime Trends Emerging During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Security Gladiators, a cybersecurity news publication, released an in-depth report detailing shocking cybercrime schemes, cases, facts and statistics emerging during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Experts warn that cybercrime will cost the global economy trillions of dollars in annual losses over the next several years. The coronavirus pandemic has only compounded existing cybersecurity threats worldwide. As such, it is essential for businesses, governments and consumers alike to understand emerging trends and take steps to secure their data ahead of potential attacks.

Security Gladiators, an online publication focused on cybersecurity news, recently unveiled an in-depth report detailing the latest cybercrime schemes, cases, facts and statistics that have emerged since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The report spans over 6,000 words in length and includes several infographics to make content easily digestible for readers of all levels of knowledge on cybercrime topics. The analysis offers insight into new cybercrime and fraud trends, such as the rise of counterfeit medical products, vulnerabilities in work-from-home policies, emerging phishing schemes, malware and ransomware variants, crypto-jacking and fake QR code attacks, social engineering trends, and more.

The analysis also unpacks what has changed since the pre-pandemic era, top COVID-related cyber fraud cases and their consequences, the top countries with malicious file detections, the top countries targeted by spam and phishing, and other relevant facts and figures. 

Read the full report here.

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