A new video game lets you drive to Barnard Castle, making fun of Government adviser Dominic Cummings’ controversial trip to the County Durham beauty spot last month.

The PS4 simulation enables players to cough their way through a blurry, obstacle-ridden drive to the castle – all with a screaming child in the back of the car.

The description reads: “Dominic needs to get back to work. But his eyes have went all weird. Best drive to Barnard Castle with his kid just to make sure its [sic] safe to drive to London.”

While games normally take much longer to be developed, Dreams for the PlayStation 4 enables anyone to build their own game at a much quicker rate.

The game is called 30 Miles to Barnard Castle because of the distance from Mr Cummings’ parents’ house to the tourist attraction, and is available to play here.

​​It comes after Mr Cummings sparked outrage when it emerged that he had driven to his parents’ estate Durham with his wife and small child with suspected coronavirus.

He was said to be in breach of lockdown rules, leading to calls for his resignation, which the Government has resisted.

Dominic Cummings in real life (PA)

It was later revealed that he drove to Barnard Castle after two weeks of isolation, a move which he said was to test out his eyesight before a long drive down to London.

Neither Mr Cummings nor any Government ministers have apologised for Mr Cummings’ actions.