New Online Training Available on to Help Employees Cope with Pandemic Fatigue

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Mastery Training Services has recently released a new online training course, “Pandemic Fatigue,” to help employees cope with symptoms of burnout.

As people all over the world have navigated the pandemic over these past 20 months, burnout and pandemic fatigue has set in, effecting the work and personal lives of many. Mastery Training Services has recently released a new online training course, “Pandemic Fatigue,” to help employees cope with symptoms of burnout.

Opening with a detailed description of pandemic fatigue’s origin and symptoms, this insightful course teaches employees how to recognize, cope with, and overcome this world-wide syndrome. The course details pandemic fatigue symptoms and how to accept the impact it’s having on one’s personal and professional life. Employees learn how and why it’s helpful to lean into pandemic fatigue. From this basis, the course continues to explain how “flow” helps employees rise above pandemic fatigue’s debilitating effects before they take root.

Use this course to stimulate awareness of pandemic fatigue throughout the workplace while teaching employees pro-active coping strategies for helping themselves and supporting their colleagues.

Along with “Pandemic Fatigue,” Mastery Training Services also released several other related titles to help keep employees focused on their mental health. These titles include:

For a full list of courses related to working during the pandemic, click here.

These courses are available for purchase on a single play, pay-per-view basis on or as part of a licensed library at an employer rate.

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Mastery Training Services’ library covers a variety of topics for organizations of all sizes, across industries. If you are looking to train your workforce, click here.

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