New Marketing Co-Op Seeks to Make Finding Placement for a Loved One Easier

AFH Management and White Marketing Services have come together for a new marketing co-op that gives adult family homes and families needing placement for loved ones the power they need

David White, CEO of White Marketing Services in Seattle, and Daniela Torkelson, CEO of AFH Management in Renton, have collaborated on a new marketing co-op for adult family homes hosted at 

The Need for Adult Family Homes is Huge. And Accelerating.

The senior care industry is growing rapidly and is on track to become even larger in the next decade. By 2030, it is estimated that up to 61 million baby boomers will be entering their mid-60s, 70s, and 80s, millions of whom will need long-term care. As a society, we cannot afford to neglect or overlook their needs.

Thankfully, adult family homes are emerging as the safe choice for long-term senior care. In fact, less than 1% of adult family homes are currently impacted by COVID-19, according to a study by DSHS. These small, personalized-care homes of six to eight residents are more crucial than ever to supporting the health and safety of our seniors.

Find Safe Senior Care. Support Small Businesses.

Most of the 3,000+ adult family homes in Washington State are small businesses run by one person or a single family. To get their vacancies filled, they rely on referral agencies who offer free services to families looking for senior care, but often charge the business owner $6K+ per referral. Referral agents are great at what they do and many adult family homes couldn’t survive without their services, but the current referral system places a huge financial burden on the small businesses that rely on them. 

To take the burden off of adult family homeowners, MyAFH and White Marketing Services have launched a new service on that’s a win-win for small businesses and families looking for senior care. “Families can find the perfect home on their smartphone or computer and get in touch with the owner easily,” noted David White, CEO of White Marketing Services in Seattle. “This is also great for business owners who need referrals, as they’ll only pay 5% of the resident’s rent for 20 months, instead of a 100% up-front fee.”

A Win-Win Way Forward.

“We are also offering extra services to homes who opt in and partner with us, including helping answer phone calls and assistance with placements. We are doing everything we can to take the weight off adult family homeowners’ shoulders and help fill their vacancies,” Daniela Torkelson, CEO of MyAFH in Renton, added. “We are so excited about this new endeavor and can’t wait to help be part of the solution for families and their loved ones now and in the next years ahead.”

To find a safe place for senior care, call MyAFH at 1-800-747-2997 or visit AFH Management​ online at

Source: AFH Management