New CDC Designed “I Got My Covid-19 Vaccine!” Buttons Available to Assist in Rollout and Build Confidence in Vaccines

If you’ve had the COVID-19 vaccine, or involved in a vaccination roll out team/plan, these “I Got My Covid-19 Vaccine!” buttons effectively let others know you’ve been vaccinated. These buttons are exactly the same design as stickers given to folks after getting the Pfizer or Moderna Covid-19 vaccination. Using the official CDC design, these I’ve been vaccinated buttons are a universal indicator that you’ve been inoculated, and encourage other to follow your lead.

New CDC Designed

Naples, FL, January 11, 2021 –(– As COVID-19 vaccine options roll out across the world, vaccination teams are looking for ways to streamline the process of quickly and safely vaccinating hundreds, thousands or millions of people.

The best practice is to give inoculated folks the official CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) stickers after the first shot, followed by more permanent buttons after the final shot. Since the CDC toolkit only provides sticker design, and creating buttons takes precious time, I’ve Had It fills this void by providing the official “I Got My Covid-19 Vaccine!” buttons.

If you have plans to vaccinate first responders, front line health providers, elderly, employees, customers, friends, family or just yourself, use these CDC designed* buttons to let everyone know you’ve officially received a COVID-19 vaccination from the coronavirus, and encourage others to do the same.

According to the CDC website, “Medical centers, clinics, and clinicians can use or adapt these ready-made materials to build confidence about COVID-19 vaccination among your healthcare teams and other staff.” They go on to say “This toolkit provides long-term care facility (LTCF) administrators and clinical leadership with information and resources to help build vaccine confidence among healthcare personnel (HCP) and residents.”

I’ve Had It is proud to be a partner in eliminating the COVID-19 pandemic as quickly as humanly possible.

* See the CDC website