New Books by Carl Agard Gives You the Real Deal on Financially Surviving the Pandemic

Atlanta, GA, November 14, 2021 –(– New opportunities are being created everyday as the market corrects itself after the Pandemic, the books, Financially Surviving COVID-19 (Deleting Derogatory Credit) and Financially Surviving COVID-19 (Finding Gems in Today’s Real Estate Market) is your step by step blueprint on how to capitalize on it.

Topics covered in the Credit Book:
– How the Pandemic is affecting the economy and how you can bulletproof your Credit Profile
– How making minor changes on your Credit Report can boost your score in a couple of weeks
– The easiest steps to deleting derogatory items off of your credit report for good
– Alternative ways to adding credit
– How to settle charge offs and collections for pennies
– Much, much, more…

Topics covered in the Real Estate Book:
– How the Pandemic is affecting the Real Estate Market in Real Time
– How to find the best deal for your first home
– Locating and Finding the best Investment Properties
– How to find Financing for your Real Estate Project
– How to make money with AirBNB, Foreclosures, Tax Liens, Probates
and Much, much more

After purchasing his first brownstone in 1995, author, financial expert, and speaker Carl Agard experienced first-hand the enormous wealth building by buying and selling real estate and businesses.

Carl was a pioneer in the New York City Real Estate industry by becoming one of the youngest Independent Real Estate Brokers in Brooklyn at the age of 27.

After the real estate market crash, Carl helped thousands of homeowners save their homes from foreclosure through loan modifications and loan restructuring. He also formed a company to help small business owners acquire financing to expand their businesses when mainstream banks said no.

Carl is a very energetic and informative speaker and has just formed a non profit organization, The Agard Financial Foundation, to educate young adults on financial literacy.