New Book From Author Arnobio Morelix Outlines Post-Pandemic Path to Recovery for Entrepreneurs, Tech Companies

‘Rebooted’ explains the opportunities and responsibilities for startups and tech giants alike as the income gap widens and the world continues to change drastically.

Following a global economic shutdown in 2020, a new book from startup and tech expert Arnobio Morelix explores how entrepreneurs can reboot and rebuild following the devastating pandemic that has claimed millions of lives and slashed global incomes by $3.5 trillion.

Launching today, Rebooted: An Uncommon Guide to Radical Success and Fairness in the New World of Life, Death, and Tech is a forward-looking handbook for the years post-pandemic. Morelix, a California-based senior advisor to the Global Entrepreneurship Network and the chief data scientist at Inc., uses the book to examine topics including the tech butterfly effect, the economics of pandemics, unintended consequences in technology and human-centered artificial intelligence. Order it at

“Every crisis creates opportunity, with over half of Fortune 500 companies founded during a recession, and the Great Reboot is no different,” said Morelix. “But with opportunity comes responsibility. Tech companies are not guys and gals in a garage anymore, but the world’s major economic force. Nine out of the 10 ten largest companies in the world today are in technology, compared to one in 10 in 2008. We are on a drastically different path, and companies have a large role in building a fair and equitable future.”

In Rebooted, Morelix outlines how the Great Reboot has reshaped the world, including:

  • how 10 years’ worth of transitions from the analog to the digital economy were compressed in 10 weeks, as the pandemic remade society;
  • why we are in for a Roaring 2020s after the vaccine, and an economic framework for understanding the aftereffects of the pandemic in the decade to come; and
  • actionable insights and tools to navigate positive and negative unintended consequences of technology so we can rebuild responsibly.

Rebooted also includes contributions from founders, investors, and technologists, including the creators of the digital age’s most transformational technologies: Vint Cerf, the father of the internet, and Martin Cooper, inventor of the cell phone.

“Entrepreneurs thrive in times of change and disruption, and they are critically important now as every country and company look to survive and thrive in the years post-pandemic,” said Jonathan Ortmans, president of the Global Entrepreneurship Network. “Rebooted is a must-read handbook for those looking to chart a bold new course.”

Throughout 2021, Morelix and the Global Entrepreneurship Network will work together to support entrepreneurs, investors and policymakers from 200 countries on rebooting and rebuilding. The collaboration will culminate at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress in November in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where they will share insights gleaned from Rebooted.

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Source: Global Entrepreneurship Network