New “Be Strong Lifestyle Journal” Moves You to Wholeness

Just in time for the most self-reflective time of the year, Be Strong International (BSI) has created its first-ever journal as a personal development resource.


Miami, FL, November 28, 2020 –(– Just in time for the most self-reflective time of the year, Be Strong International (BSI) has created its first-ever journal as a personal development resource. The “Be Strong Lifestyle Journal,” which is now available for purchase online (ISBN: 9781941716052, paperback, full color, 422 pages), is meant to trigger the user’s thoughts in ways that confront their brokenness and seeks to deliver them to closer to wholeness by guiding the user to reflect upon and identify what situation, person, or group caused their suffering, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are excited to see the concept of the ‘Be Strong Lifestyle Journal’ come to fruition. It has truly been a dream come true,” said Michelle Shirley, CEO at BSI. “We hope that the journal transforms the lives of the people who use it by inspiring and helping them to set personal, achievable goals that tackle their brokenness and sets them on the right track to wholeness.”

The “Be Strong Lifestyle Journal” utilizes inspirational quotes, integral explanations, recurrent questions and weekly, daily, and monthly challenges with the objective of transforming the user into wholeness. Users are encouraged to identify accountability partners, or a person or group of people to keep them on track and honest about themselves as they tackle their truth.

Users must observe their thoughts, feelings and behavior, and then write about or even draw them. From time to time, the user can review what they jotted down and use it to gauge their personal development and growth throughout all of 2021.

A 2011 study at MIT underscored the positive impact journaling had on adolescents who struggled with test-tasking anxiety. “One of the best features of this journal is that there are no correct or incorrect responses or ways to express yourself,” continued Shirley.

“The goal and primary objective of the journal is to bring about a better, stronger version of you,” she added. “You can then use your newfound wisdom and strength to develop and maintain healthy relationships.”

The Be Strong Lifestyle Journal can be purchased on Amazon Books and Barnes and Noble, just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It is the first in a line of transformative journals by BSI meant to confront brokenness in a holistic manner that helps users develop and sustain healthy relationships with themselves and others.

About Be Strong International:
Be Strong International educates youth and parents from broken families using holistic, evidence-based curricula about strategies for building healthy relationships. For more than a quarter-century, Be Strong has provided youth and families in South Florida with tools to make better decisions about relationships, work, money, and family life. We deliver educational programming and resources to students and parents online and in-person throughout South Florida. Be Strong International was nominated for best practices in addressing risky behaviors.