National Skilled Trade Challenge Premiering in New Project MFG Pilot: Clash of Trades

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The pilot episode of Clash of Trades will premiere on YouTube on April 20, 2021, at 7 p.m CDT. Those who register to view Clash of Trades can enter a chance to win a $2500 scholarship.

Four student team finalists compete in the Project MFG National Challenge this month, a skilled trades competition for a chance to win scholarships, prizes and title of national champion. The competition will be filmed at each school throughout March and will premiere as the pilot episode of Clash of Trades to celebrate National Welding Month in April.

The teams from Danville Community College, Calhoun Community College, Tennessee College of Applied Technology, and Southwestern Illinois College were selected based on rigorous judging of a complex advanced manufacturing project and conclude the 2020 competition series that was delayed due to COVID-19. Each team is comprised of current or recently graduated students who are learning a skilled trade. The teams work together in a challenge that mirrors real-world, hands-on skill sets needed to succeed in advanced manufacturing.

The pilot episode of Clash of Trades will premiere on YouTube on April 20, 2021, at 7 p.m CST. The show will provide an engaging look at each team’s story and their approach to completing the challenge, which will be judged by a panel of expert judges and woven into the show format. The show intends to change the perception of the skilled trades by highlighting the stories of individuals entering the field and the high-tech, future-focused work being done in the U.S. manufacturing industry. Those who register to view Clash of Trades on April 20 can enter a chance to win a $2500 scholarship.

The manufacturing industry is experiencing exponential change and new technologies are not eliminating jobs as some predicted. Studies have found the reverse. The skills gap may leave more than 2 million positions unfilled if more young people don’t enter the skilled trades. The US Department of Defense declared this deficit as one of the most vital challenges for the US defense industrial base (US DOD Nov2020 release).

About Project MFG
Project MFG shines a light on the need and opportunities for skilled trades by focusing on the development of new talent to provide a path forward for individuals and our country. Project MFG competitions throughout the United States promote the trades across industries and help advance the next generation of highly skilled trade professionals. As an integrated workforce development and recruitment effort, Project MFG collaborates across communities, the private sector and government to expand the US industrial base workforce.

Project MFG is a program of the Global Learning Accelerator Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit, funded by the Department of Defense, and operated and managed by RD Solutions, LLC. The mission of the Global Learning Accelerator is helping people find the nexus between their passions and what the world needs.

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