Narconon Colorado Gives Back to the Community by Helping Those in Need

Narconon Colorado recently volunteered with a local rescue mission and food bank.

Narconon Colorado recently dispatched volunteers to help at the Denver Rescue Mission and the Larimer County food bank. Volunteers helped cook warm meals for the homeless and bag groceries for hundreds of families who have been struck by the economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Newsweek, market research showed a 75% increase in liquor sales as compared to 2019, and beer sales jumped 42% compared to last year. Alcohol as a whole jumped 55% during the pandemic. This drastic increase in alcohol sales has some drug and alcohol rehab facilities concerned that community support systems already impacted by the pandemic will be inadequate to handle the coming wave of addiction.

The homeless and impoverished residents served by the Denver Rescue Mission and the Larimer County food bank represent a population who are disproportionally affected by issues with addiction. As a non-profit organization, Narconon Colorado’s mission aligns with these community organizations and through its support, the Narconon Staff hope to reduce the suffering of those affected by addiction throughout Colorado.

“These are hard times,” said Jason Good, the Deputy Executive Director of Narconon Colorado. “Besides the economic problems caused by COVID-19, our town has struggled with addiction problems, just like many others around the country. It’s important for us to be good neighbors, to give back to our community, and help those who are struggling as a result of many modern social issues.”

“Too many families go without during the holidays and it’s very sad,” said Chris Red, Director of Community Outreach at Narconon Colorado. “I’ve been down and out myself and it’s a terrible place to be. It’s wonderful to have resources like the food bank and the rescue mission to help our community. It’s great to be a part of something bigger than yourself.”

Narconon Colorado is a non-profit, residential addiction treatment program located in Fort Collins, Colorado. For over 54 years, the Narconon Program has offered an effective solution to addiction. The drug-free program provides long term treatment and is often successful where other programs have failed. If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, contact Narconon Colorado.

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Jason Good

Source: Narconon Colorado