myHealth Sentinel Announces Kickstarter Launch of TM+ Telehealth, the First Such Service for Family Caregivers for Remote Monitoring of 6

myHealth Sentinel Holdings PL (mHS), a leading Telehealth company in Singapore, has launched the TM+ Telehealth project for Family Caregivers on Kickstarter.  

TM+ is a smart assistant for Family Caregivers to remotely monitor the health of their loved ones.

COVID-19 has affected the world, restricted physical movement, and affected the health of many. A tool is in need to remotely monitor the health and wellness of our loved ones while minimizing physical contact with each other. mHS is leveraging on its 10 years of medical grade telehealth service to offer a new tool for Family Caregivers to monitor the health and wellness of loved ones remotely.

It is also widely reported that oxygen levels may start to drop even before any symptoms of COVID-19 would appear. TM+ bundled a wireless oximeter (SPO2) to track oxygen levels and help detect cases with “silent pneumonia”, one of the most serious consequences of COVID-19.

TM+ Telehealth is unique. TM+ Telehealth allows caregivers to monitor six users remotely. Family members can measure their oxygen level, blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, body weight at home, in school or anywhere else, while these data are monitored remotely by the family caregiver at work or another location. Threshold alerts could remind the family caregiver of abnormalities. These records could also help doctors in understanding the health conditions of the monitored family members.

“We have been working on this idea (monitor the health and wellness of our loved ones remotely while we minimize physical contact with each other) since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is ready to be deployed. Instead of limiting it to just Singapore, we want it to benefit more people, Kickstarter is the right platform to do this,” said Jack Ng, Director and co-founder of mHS.

“Don’t leave the health of your family to chance, monitor it!” added Jack.

About myHealth Sentinel Holdings PL:

myHealth Sentinel is a Singapore-based, Telehealth company, founded in 2011, focusing on providing Telehealth services to hospitals, family doctors and clinics. The TM+ telehealth service is the most widely used telehealth service in Singapore with thousands of patients being monitored since 2011.

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