Monica Achter’s New Book ‘We’re All in This Together’ Retells an Amazing Story of Bravery in the Midst of a World Health Crisis

Fulton Books author Monica Achter, a writer who participates in water aerobics, a loving mother, and a wife, has completed her most recent book “We’re All in This Together”: a poignant and inspiring journey of a woman who sought courage despite the darkness looming in. As Monica finds herself in isolation during a pandemic, fear creeps in and she struggles hard to keep her mind afloat and away from the depths of negativity.

Monica writes, “After being put in isolation and quarantine away from her parents and family, the discovery of COVID-19 on the Grand Princess cruise ship would put her life into a tailspin. She is all alone, scared and unsure of what lies ahead. She is suddenly faced with a difficult choice: either become a victim and let the darkness set in or try and see the current situation in a bright and positive way. This was her very first cruise and the first time she had been away from her husband and family. She was having a fun and enjoyable time with her aging parents until that moment she wondered maybe it would be the last time she would ever see them again. Would she get the virus? Would her parents get it? Would they die on the ship? This is a must read for anyone struggling to find the good and positive in such a challenging world. Read this compelling story to find out what happened on the Grand Princess cruise ship in March 2020.”

Published by Fulton Books, Monica Achter’s heartfelt testimony is a timely and inspirational account that anyone can gain hope from. Monica’s journey was a journey of hardship, struggle, and uncertainty. She wishes to lift the hearts of many and bring them strength through this book.

Readers who wish to experience this motivating work can purchase “We’re All in This Together” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

Source: Fulton Books