MobiCard Offers Digital Business Card Platform Exchange to Encourage Networking Despite Pandemic

Though COVID-19 has sidelined face-to-face networking opportunities, MobiCard has introduced a revolutionary alternative thanks to its powerful, flexible digital business card platform.

COVID-19 has brought many restrictions, forcing companies to seek novel solutions in many areas. One of the most substantial areas of change is technology, which is now sufficiently robust to put networking and other vital business activities online. In this age of restrictions, MobiCard, a digital business card platform, is leading to new freedoms.

“Companies are seeing that technology done right offers numerous breakthroughs and refinements,” says Joshua Sodaitis, MobiCard’s Chairman and CEO. “On the client-side, as more and more customer interactions become digital in nature, we will only see an increasing demand for faster solutions. On the company side, creating a culture of digitization will help businesses remain relevant and ready for the next challenge.”

​The COVID-19 pandemic has expedited change, and according to a new McKinsey Global Survey of executives, companies are adopting a digitized approach to their customer and supply chain interactions and internal operations by three to four years. Respondents indicated that the share of digital or digitally enabled products in their portfolios has accelerated by seven years. 1

Additionally, the pace at which companies are adopting digital offerings is on pace to outstrip anything the U.S. has ever witnessed. MobiCard, offering customizable digital business cards, is ahead of the curve.

In fact, businesses can reap the benefits of MobiCard’s Enterprise product which is tailored specifically for organizations with sales, marketing, and managerial teams who want to effectively direct their resources to interested customers and clients.

The Enterprise product offers businesses and organizations the ability to customize the MobiCard with corporate logos and design features to differentiate themselves from the competition as a premier and progressive organization.

Furthermore, the Enterprise product gives companies the flexibility to create a MobiCard for each employee or member of the organization. Once the card is verified and initiated, each individual can customize his/her corporate card with social media information and other personal touches.​

MobiCard users will outperform their paper card competition due to the platform’s comprehensive nature and seamless networking capabilities. This progressive technology greatly enhances business productivity via its large array of data analytics including card shares, views, and other features that allow users to quickly move on leads.

In these challenging times, business owners need a tool that ensures business growth and provides flexibility. MobiCard is with you on this journey.

About MobiCard

MobiCard is forging a new path in the digital arena, offering an exclusive and revolutionary customizable digital business card platform. MobiCard, flexible and robust, helps to ensure seamless networking at the push of a phone button.


Tiffany Kayar



Source: MobiCard Inc.