MobiCard Announces the Launch of an Aggressive Media and Marketing Campaign by a Nationally Recognized PR Firm

It also provides a critical update on the progress of the company’s financials.

MobiCard, Inc., aka Peer To Peer Network (OTC PINK: PTOP), is proud to announce that it has retained NewsWire Media, Inc. to implement an aggressive media and marketing campaign over the next year. is a nationally recognized public relations firm that has access to top-tier news outlets that will maximize the MobiCard© brand visibility and allow it to saturate untapped markets in the digital contact card space. Now, more than ever, it is important for MobiCard to implement a comprehensive, integrated media and marketing strategy. Especially during the COVID pandemic, when working remotely and online networking has become the norm, MobiCard has a unique opportunity to become the leader in digital B2B connectivity.

The goal of this marketing campaign is to create brand awareness for MobiCard by driving clients to its website and to its Mobile Apps by implementing aggressive search engine optimization and focused Enterprise marketing. With enhanced brand awareness, MobiCard will capitalize on new B2B relationships that can in turn secure new valuable partnerships. MobiCard is uniquely positioned to become the leader in the digital B2B space as a result of its ROI analytics features and because it leverages the current trends in the business climate, i.e., working remotely and virtual client relations.

MobiCard is also proud to announce that it has executed an agreement with a reputable, nationally recognized accounting firm to (i) prepare historical company GAAP financials for audit and SEC reports as required by FINRA for its recently submitted corporate action, as well as (ii) preparing more recent GAAP unaudited financial statements for uploading to OTCMarkets to get the company “current” in its financial reporting. The accountants will prepare and release financial statements for the required time periods, and they will bring the company into financial compliance with regulating authorities. MobiCard plans to file all of the necessary quarterly 10Q Statements along with the required annual 10K filings.

Additionally, MobiCard has submitted FINRA corporate actions to be effectuated with FINRA (The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) including finalizing a name change to MobiCard, a stock ticker symbol change to better reflect the MobiCard name, and a stock restructure that will be highly favorable to the company and its investors. MobiCard is determined to complete these objectives before the end of the year. However, FINRA has a 90-day time frame to complete their review before they close the file.

According to Josh Sodaitis, “MobiCard is aggressively working to bring the company financials current. However, MobiCard is also highly focused on the company fundamentals and particularly on the expansion of our user base. My goal as CEO is to have our Mobile Apps highly visible to the B2B market space and also to all the potential non-business users who can leverage this paradigm shift to a revolutionary way of sharing contact and social media information.”

“Since I became CEO, I have always believed that the fundamentals of the company are the most important priority; the Mobile Apps, the Enterprise App, the technology patents, and making the financial statements current. By focusing on these priorities, we can add immense value to the company. If you are a shareholder, I highly recommend that you download the MobiCard© App in either the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Every shareholder can increase the value of our company by simply becoming a user of the product. As I see it, the more users we have on the platform, the more revenue we will generate by monetizing the Apps through targeted banner ads in the future. I would like to have 1 million users within the next six months. I believe that it is possible because we offer a product that can enroll entire company rosters at a time. If you own a small or large company, we invite you to contact MobiCard, Inc. and to learn more about how we can cut your marketing costs and significantly enhance your customer and client reach. We can add tremendous value to your company.” -Joshua Sodaitis, CEO and Chairman

“I have worked diligently beside MobiCard, Inc.’s CEO Mr. Sodaitis this past year. He is highly devoted to the success of the MobiCard©, and he has added tremendous value to the company and to its shareholders. He has secured patents for the MobiCard© technology, and he has brought the first versions of its Mobile and Enterprise apps to the market. My focus going forward will be to aid him in any capacity that aids MobiCard. My goal is to land enterprise account this week. I will use my network to complete this objective. Anyone that owns a company that would like to utilize our enterprise admin portal and sign up all of their employees, independent contractors, or vendors please reach out to me immediately. Send me an email to please state the number of people you want to sign up under your organization, include a domain email that functions as the admin and the best number to contact you at. My commitment to MobiCard is to get an enterprise account by the end of this week,” concluded William Hernandez investor relations.

About MobiCard

MobiCard is a digital business card platform that allows individuals to seamlessly share their contact information virtually from anywhere. Be the first to utilize and improve business productivity as well as strengthening relationships between businesses in addition to client and agent business practices. There is no limit to the creativity and ingenuity that this app can provide for business promotion and networking with a new way to set a fast pace business progression and seeing results beyond belief. These were the same ideals behind the creation of this app.

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Phone: 1-617-651-2460

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