Mid Atlantic Advisory Group Announces the Launch of Its New SFR/Commercial Credit Fund to Help Meet the Excess Demand in the Single-Family Residential Market

Atlanta, GA, August 13, 2021 –(PR.com)– Mid Atlantic Advisory Group, LLC today announced the launch of the Mid Atlantic Senior Secured Income Fund, LLC to help meet the credit demand for redevelopment and repositioning of affordable single family residential homes in the Southeast United States. According to the mortgage finance company Freddie Mac, the United States has a 3.8-million-unit shortfall of what is needed to meet demand. “The shortage is especially acute for entry-level homes, which makes it more expensive for first-time home buyers to enter the market,” said Sam Khater, chief economist at Freddie Mac.

The strategy is part of Mid Atlantic Advisory Groups quest to fill the void left by traditional commercial banks in the wake of COVID-19 migration trends and a red-hot housing market.

“With the launch of the Mid Atlantic Senior Secured Income Fund, LLC, we are striving the bridge the gap from Wall Street to Main Street and meet the explosive credit demand for collateralized assets in the single-family residential market. We met our escrow minimum within a week of registering the fund because investors felt our rates are attractive for the types of assets we are underwriting,” says Preston Nevins, the Director of Capital Markets for Mid Atlantic Advisory Group, LLC. “We feel many millennial consumers are in transition from rentership to ownership and the inventory and price for affordable starter homes are out of reach for many in this demographic as they begin to start families and pursue their careers.”

The Mid Atlantic Senior Secured Income Fund, LLC is a private real estate credit fund structured under section 506 (c) of Regulation D of the Securities Exchange Act of 1933 and the Jumpstart our Business Startup Act of 2012 which began during the Obama Administration. The fund is for accredited investors who are looking for a higher yield on collateralized assets vs. the risk-free rate. “The ability for small companies to raise capital and redeploy that capital into single family residential redevelopments and small commercial real estate projects accounts for over 4% of GDP for residential investments and over 16% in overall spending in the housing market, not the mention the impact on housing related employment which employs over one million people in residential construction alone,” says Nathan Larsen, Chief Investment Officer of the Mid Atlantic Senior Secured Income Fund. With the cost of materials such as lumber, concrete, and other building materials skyrocketing, it makes the strategy of buying a fixer-upper by regional contractors and new home buyers more attractive and less expensive than new construction.

Single Family Residential has also become a sweetheart asset class for institutional investment firms such as Blackstone which recently announced a $6 billion acquisition of Home Partners of America which owns and rents over 17,000 houses throughout the United States.

Mid Atlantic Advisory Group, LLC is a private equity and credit advisory firm based in Delaware with real estate projects in the southeast region, predominantly the Atlanta market and Mid Atlantic region of the United States. The principals have underwritten over 250+ debt transactions with over 52% successfully going full cycle and the other 48% current with on time payments and no defaults. For more information about the Mid Atlantic Senior Secured Income Fund, please visit us at www.themidatlanticfund.com/invest or contact us at admin@themidatlanticfund.com or 1 (877) 651-5011.