Meet the Company That’s Making Disposable Menstrual Products a Thing of the Past

Heralogie, Inc. was founded during the pandemic as a way to help destigmatize menstruation and provide a non-toxic, sustainable and affordable way to manage periods. Over 300 pounds of menstrual product waste is disposed of each year by the average menstruator, much of which ends up in oceans or landfills. Women spend over $6,300 dollars on disposable menstrual products in a lifetime. These disposable products are often uncomfortable, irritating to the skin barrier, and contain trace amounts of toxins and carcinogens.

Heralogie’s products are ethically manufactured in a woman-owned factory and made with sustainable Lenzing Modal, which is harvested from beechwood trees. Modal is more absorbent and more breathable than cotton. It also leaves a lower carbon footprint. If anyone is skeptical of trying these undies out, here is your chance. The underwear looks and feels just like real underwear but does much more. Many of us are now experiencing a second lockdown, which allows users to comfortably try out these new products at home. Using period panties will also reduce outings to the supermarket or drugstore for last-minute boxes of pads or tampons.

Although Heralogie’s size range for the initial launch will be XS-2XL, the company intends to come out with a more size-inclusive range as they grow. They also plan to come out with gender-inclusive undies in the future. For their initial launch, Heralogie will donate a percentage of revenue to Black Girls Bleed, an organization that fights to end period poverty.

For anyone who may be grossed out, don’t be. Customers who used to be skeptical are now excited about how free they feel. Users feel more connected to their bodies and delight in the convenience and comfort they experience. The underwear is designed to be a backup to a menstrual cup or a tampon, but can also be used on its own. They can hold up to four tampons’ worth of liquid and can be reused over and over.

Heralogie will launch in December 2020. Follow on Instagram @heralogie or join the email list to be notified.

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Source: Heralogie