MedConnectUSA Handles 1,000’s Of Calls To Assist Hospitals And Medical In Texas And Other States


For more than thirty years, MedConnectUSA has been there for our clients when they have needed us the most.

MedConnectUSA is pleased to have helped, and to continue to help, hospitals and medical centers that could not take their own calls due to power outages and other issues that resulted from the ferocious ice storm that affected Texas and other states. In recent months, we have further strengthened our commitment to those medical business owners affected by disaster to help them to overcome the challenges that they face during these testing circumstances.

Our medical call answering team is committed to helping our clients and their callers through those difficult times. Whether your business has been affected by the global pandemic, a natural disaster, regional weather emergency, local service outage, fire, or natural disaster, MedConnectUSA will be there to help you to stay connected and serve your patients when they need you most.

In the past, we have been there for our clients during difficult moments and we will continue to be there moving forward. As the leading medical answering service in the United States, at MedConnectUSA, we understand that you need a service that you can rely on when unforeseen events wreak havoc on your business. At MedConnectUSA, we have received countless messages of praise from our clients, and their patients, for the efficient, effective, and professional service we have been able to provide during times of crisis.

Helping Businesses In Texas And Other States

MedConnectUSA is prepared and waiting to assist those medical practices and businesses in Texas and other states affected by the recent winter storm. The dangerous storm has caused power outages for millions, causing chaos for individuals and business owners alike. With more than four million people in Texas without power and temperatures plummeting to below -6, the State, many medical businesses are unable to serve their patients and customers. Our multi-award-winning medical call center services at MedConnectUSA can help medical businesses to stay in contact with their clients to provide assistance and support through these difficult times. With the help of the MedConnectUSA team, medical businesses in Texas and other states affected by the storm can offer much-needed services to those who need them, aiding in the recovery effort.

Coronavirus Pandemic Assistance

The Coronavirus has turned the world on its head over the last twelve months. When local businesses were in lockdown, here at MedConnectUSA, we were busy helping our clients to stay in contact with their patients and clients so they could provide essential advice and healthcare when it was needed most. Our team continues to be there for medical practices and other medical businesses through the pandemic to provide the support and assistance that your patients need during these unprecedented times. MedConnectUSA will be there for your patients when you can’t be to give your patients the support, advice, and guidance they need throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and thereafter.

Enjoy More Peace Of Mind With MedConnectUSA

To ensure we provide the best possible medical answering service to each and every one of our clients, especially during an emergency, we have effective data preparedness strategies in place and a rock-solid data recovery process to ensure your practice or medical business is always able to connect with your patients and customers. Knowing that you can rely on MedConnectUSA’s multi-award-winning medical call center services will give you more peace of mind when a disaster impacts your medical business or practice.

More About MedConnectUSA

As a proud industry leader, MedConnectUSA provides the very best, multi-award-winning medical call answering services in the United States. For more than thirty years, we have been there for our clients when they have needed us the most. Whether its’ a local weather emergency, a global pandemic, a fire, or natural disaster, our team at MedConnectUSA is always here to help. Our highly trained operators are professional, knowledgeable, patient, and compassionate and will always treat your patients with respect and courtesy to ensure they feel safe and secure, regardless of what disaster or emergency may have occurred.

At MedConnectUSA look forward to continuing to provide a reliable medical call answering service and an unparalleled level of service excellence for our customers during what is a challenging period for many medical businesses, practices, and hospitals around the country.

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