MDX Ventures Completes Its 20,000th Sample Collection for COVID-19 at Drive-Thru Sites in Nevada

MDX Ventures Operates Multiple Collection Sites in Both Southern and Northern Nevada with a Mission to Make Testing Available to All

MDX Ventures, a Nevada-based healthcare solutions company, and an extension of MDX Labs, began opening drive-thru COVID-19 testing sites in October 2020. Recognizing that the vast population of Nevada had no access to testing, or faced significant barriers either in time or geography, MDX expanded its reach to support the greater community.

MDX Ventures recently collected its 20,000th sample from Nevada donors. From underserved populations in Las Vegas to rural areas of Northern Nevada, and everywhere in between, the company has put the well-being of Nevadans ahead of problematic logistics.

“The impact of COVID-19 on Nevada has been devastating. Our simple mission is to be of value and help restart the economy safely,” said MDX Ventures founder Dan Briggs. “Thanks to the tremendous support of some great partners, we have been able to offer testing without long wait times and without the pain or inconvenience of an invasive swab.”

MDX Ventures uses a non-invasive mouthwash for its collection method, called the QuikSal Oral Rinse. Developed as a toxicology test by a high-complexity, CLIA-certified laboratory, this collection method improves safety, comfortability and timeliness. Used by local police departments, urgent cares and national business, MDX has made this available to everyone through its drive-thru locations.

“Nasopharyngeal swabs are time-consuming, have a high false-negative rate due to improper collection and are painful and off-putting,” said Dr. Phillip Gibbs, Ph.D., the Chief Science officer and biochemist at Clinical Lab Consulting, who developed the patent-pending “Quiksal” collection method.

MDX Ventures has committed itself to keeping drive-thru locations open and available to all who need them for as long as the health risk remains.

Source: MDX Ventures