Maxwell Capital Vows to Make Biosecurity a Priority in Its Ventures, Protecting People, Plants and Animals Alike

Edmonton, Canada, September 25, 2021 –(– The world and its inhabitants have been battling a pandemic for over a year now. And biosecurity has naturally become more critical than ever before. It is an integral part of sustainable agricultural development and an aspect that can no longer be neglected in favour of other goals and objectives.

As an investment venture firm interested in innovative agritech business models, Maxwell Capitals places a particular focus on biosecurity and initiative and start-ups that prioritize biosecurity.

A spokesperson for the company said, “As a society, we’ve been living recklessly for too long, and it’s unfortunate that it has taken a pandemic to jolt the world back in its senses. As the virus continues to spread like wildfire and our lives and approaches continue to transform before our eyes, it’s crucial to recognize the flaws in our ways and fix them before there’s nothing left to fix. Making biosecurity a priority is one such way to do this, and if you’re an entrepreneur, we can help you with it.”

The company focuses on biosecurity in two primary ways. Firstly, investing in agriculture technology supports the idea of biosecurity and reduces risk to all living creatures. Secondly, the company also creates intellectual property that can support and promote the notion of biosecurity in their ventures. They also offer preventive solutions to protect the environment and all the living organisms within it, including humans, plants, and animals.

The firm helps invest in simple ideas like fencing – both traditional and geo-fencing – and other sophisticated measures that can optimize biosecurity at any given farm.

The company also focuses on measures for smart farming by helping innovative start-ups invest in agricultural technology that supports their green investment strategy. Their services are currently available for entrepreneurs across Canada, but the firm hopes to expand globally in the next five years.

Agritech entrepreneurs across Canada can get in touch with the experts at Maxwell Capital to discuss their innovative ideas and business models that are focused on biosecurity.

About the Company
Established in 2020 by Steve Maxwell, Maxwell Capital is a venture capital firm that is focused on industrial-agricultural initiatives and based in Vancouver, BC. Their work centers around sustainable agriculture, modern agricultural technology and green investment in Canada.

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