Loveforce International Keeps on Dancin’ with “Moves Like Denzel” in an Institution

Santa Clarita, CA, October 05, 2021 –(– On Friday, October 8th, Loveforce International will release three new digital singles. The singles will be songs of three different genres by three different recording artists. A book will also be given away in honor of the three new digital singles.

The first new digital single is by Billy Ray Charles. Entitled “Moves Like Denzel” the song is a tribute to Denzel Washington, a great and popular American actor. The musical genre is a cross between Southern Soul and R&B. The lyric is about someone claiming he has moves like Denzel. It manages to work the titles of some of Denzel Washington’s most popular films into the lyric.

The next new digital single is Covid-19’s “Keep On Dancin’.” The song is in the Hard Rock genre instrumentally. The song features upbeat rhythms and pounding drum beats. They lyrics are about a guy who’s having fantasies about a woman on the dance floor.

The final of the three new digital singles is “Institution” by inRchild. It’s a Punk Rock song. Lyrically, it compares a school to a mental institution, or perhaps a prison. A recurring tag line in the song is “No escape until you graduate.”

The book being given away is the e-book version of Finding God Without Religion by author The Prophet of Life. Both the English and Spanish (Encontrar a Dios sin religión) e-book versions are being given away. The book provides insights into life, the afterlife and God minus all of the ritual and doctrines that usually accompany such topics. The book is part two in a series. It is the follow up to Finding God In A Chaotic World (Part 1 of the series).

The English and Spanish e-book versions of Finding God Without Religion will be given away worldwide on Amazon exclusively, on Friday October 8th only. The three new digital singles will be released to iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandora, KKBox, Tidal, Deezer, iHeart Radio, Facebook / Instagram Stories, Soundtrack by Twitch, Touch Tones, Media Net, Tik Tock, BoomPlay, Snapchat, Pretzel, AudioMack, and Yandex.

For Further Information Contact Evan Lovefire at (661) 523-4954