Los Angeles Founder Melanie Rae Enlists Entrepreneur Educators to Help Struggling Owners Find a Path to Recovery

With small businesses closing in record numbers, Los Angeles founder Melanie Rae is urgently enlisting entrepreneur educators to help struggling owners find a path to recovery through a proven training platform called GUIDED Business Plan™ | Recover Faster, just released by Guided Business Plan — an entrepreneur education company.

“Operating a small business is challenging enough without a pandemic upending the economy,” said Rae, who founded Guided Business Plan in 2009. “Our proven training platform — created to guide small businesses — offers business development centers a ready-to-go array of teaching options, including an e-Workbook, printed personalized book, fully editable presentation slides for each session among other impactful facilitator tools. It not only saves centers hundreds of hours in development time, it’s proven to attract funders and matching dollars.”

Rae says that the GUIDED Business Plan™ | Recover Faster platform provides suffering small business owners with practical ideas for riding out the COVID-19 recession and emerging stronger than ever. “I can’t imagine my community without the ‘mom and pop’ businesses I love,” she said. “Yet, through no fault of their own, they’re closing by the tens of thousands throughout the country. And while stimulus packages and grants are great, without the education to go with them … how far will they go? Nobody should have to abandon their entrepreneurial dreams when a proven teaching platform for bringing business owners together in small groups can offer solutions.”

A recent Yelp Economic Impact report estimates that 163,735 small businesses have closed since March. “Business owners are understandably disheartened, but if they contacted their local business development centers, we might see fewer boarded windows and closed signs,” added Rae. “When small business owners meet with their peers and are asked “Have you thought about this?”, it multiplies the ideas and suggestions that potentially could save a business. GUIDED Business Plan™ | Recover Faster book can help business owners answer that question and go from despair to “I have a plan to move forward.”

Rae, who was nominated for the prestigious Los Angeles Business Journal’s 2020 Women’s Leadership Awards, also suggests that struggling small business share their pandemic stories with media influencers. “There’s an Action Item in the GUIDED Business Plan™ | Recover Faster book called ‘Partner with Influencers’ that walks struggling owners through the process of telling their ‘why should they care’ story. Look, people will go out of their way to patronize a business after hearing their story. I did it for the cafes I saw on the news.”

The Cambridge, Massachusetts native added that the nationally acclaimed GUIDED Business Plan™ training platform, with its 10 editions, could help entrepreneur educators and economic development agencies give small business owners more than just hope, but meaningful, actionable ideas they can put to work now to recover faster.

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Source: Guided Business Plan