Local RSPCA Charity Launches Appeal for Direct Support

Greater Manchester, United Kingdom, February 06, 2022 –(PR.com)– A local, independently funded charity has launched an appeal to animal lovers to support the charity directly following extremely tough times during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The RSPCA Bury, Oldham and District is fighting to survive the long-term effects of multiple lockdowns, closures, and a decline in both direct financial donations, legacies, corporate support, and shop customers.

Vincent Sherard-Bornshin, Chief Executive explained, “Whilst we are licenced and affiliated with the National RSPCA, we are an independent charity and do not receive daily funding or money from donations people make to the National RSPCA. We must raise every single pound to ensure that we can care for animals that come to us sadly often abused, neglected, or abandoned. We need direct support with one off or regular donations, legacies, corporate support or for people to shop at one of our ten charity shops.”

The charity is a rehabilitation and rehoming centre based at the Strinesdale Reservoir, Holgate Street, Oldham and must raise funds to care for, feed, treat and rehome hundreds of animals each year, often received in the most horrific of condition or animals requiring long-term and expensive veterinary, rehabilitation, and medical care. The charity hopes that the last two years of uncertainty and dwindling income can be reversed and asks the local community and wider public will get behind the charity and secure its future.

The Chief Executive added, “We have fund veterinary fees, medical tests, medication and rehabilitation in ways that we have not had to before and it puts a huge strain on our finances as many of these bills can run into thousands, with direct financial donations, monthly giving and customers at our shops at an all-time low, we have to do everything to reverse this trend. We do support the community as much as possible and fund a low-cost clinic to support animals from the lowest income families, but it costs us. We need direct support and action now. We are not asking people to stop supporting the larger RSPCA, but to consider supporting its local, frontline animal charity.”

The charity has recently re-opened its animal centre shop, is planning to install a recycling point for clothes, shoes and bags destined for landfill and is soon to launch an appeal to purchase and install a community defibrillator at the animal centre. If you would like to make a one-off donation, give monthly, find one of the charities shops or support many of its fundraising appeals, please visit www.rspca-buryoldham.org.uk.