Local Real Estate Investors Provide Alternative to Foreclosure



It’s just one of the ways we are trying to do things differently than other investors around. We really do hope to make a difference.

Working with homeowners in western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio, PGH Cash Buyers helps people who are looking to sell a home quickly or sell without a realtor. The company’s services are intended for sellers who are facing foreclosure and or a job loss/relocation due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Paying cash for homes with a quick closing, PGH Cash Buyers enables sellers to not only get the funds they need, but sooner than they may through a traditional means of selling.

“We are always working toward a win-win situation,” said Kyleigh Haynes, CEO of PGH Cash Buyers. “If we can help you get cash for your home, for whatever reason, in a quick and easy process that positively affects your life, that’s our goal.”

In addition, the company closes on the date of the homeowner’s choice and covers all closing costs. Homes do not have to be in perfect condition. Whether a property is turn-key or is a major fixer upper, the same expedited process applies. No repairs are needed. More so, no commissions or fees are charged and the homeowner is paid a true “net” amount paid during the transaction, meaning the offer the company makes is truly what a homeowner walks away with after closing.

PGH Cash Buyers also buys multi-unit properties and apartment buildings. These properties may be from those with unwanted inherited properties and estates or landlords who are tired of tenants and toilets. If a rental agreement is in place, it will be honored so tenants are not affected.

The company’s long term “buy-and-hold” strategy enables them to make a fair offer to homeowner’s so they can feel good about the deal they’ve made. On occasion, PGH Cash Buyers has even leased a home back to the former homeowner so they can stay in their home with the option to purchase it back in the future. The former homeowners in this situation essentially become renters but are not forced to leave their home due to financial constraints. “It’s just one of the ways we are trying to do things differently than other investors around. We really do hope to make a difference,” says Haynes.

This service benefits struggling homeowners in the greater Pittsburgh area. People can get started through the company’s “We Buy PA Houses” website, where more information about the process is provided. Anyone interested in a cash offer can fill in the form at http://www.pghcashbuyers.com or contact Haynes or her team directly at 724-698-2700.

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