LiveFreely Announces Buddy App Public Beta, Turning Fitbit Smartwatches Into Personal Caregiving Systems

Innovative health technology transforms Fitbit into a robust platform that assists seniors and caregivers

LiveFreely Inc., a premiere digital health company, announced today the public beta of BUDDY, an app that works with Fitbit smartwatches to help seniors and their caregivers take greater control of aging. “We’ve held multiple private betas and are now excited to make BUDDY generally available through launching this public beta,” stated LiveFreely CTO, Daniel Jue. Participation is free for a limited time by registering at

“Seniors are becoming increasingly isolated, whether living at home, in nursing facilities, or in assisted living communities – often a result of physical distancing during COVID,” observed Dr. Arthur Jue, LiveFreely’s CEO. “While following safety protocols, we need better ways to help families and caregivers know that their loved ones are safe.”

Combining functions previously only available through several different apps, and by innovating revolutionary new capabilities, BUDDY fosters a supportive, sustainable ecosystem of families, friends, and health professionals, promoting greater peace-of-mind, security, and wellness for elderly loved ones. “It’s a powerful platform for seniors and caregivers,” commented Dr. Paul Runge, LiveFreely’s Chief Medical Officer. “Through BUDDY, we’re proud to offer real-time medical telemetry, a timely solution for uncertain times.”

The two brothers, Arthur and Daniel co-founded LiveFreely as a result of personal experiences caring for their elderly father. They developed BUDDY to provide digital health solutions that empower seniors and caregivers to live more free, connected, and independent lives.

Through a Fitbit smartwatch worn by the senior, BUDDY provides a personal caregiving platform that directly connects seniors with their families, caregivers and emergency response personnel. Once downloaded, BUDDY monitors seniors for potentially dangerous situations and alerts caregivers and emergency services as required. BUDDY’s five basic functions include automatically detecting falls and alerting caregivers. If a senior is unconscious or unable to call for help, BUDDY seamlessly connects to 911.

BUDDY also sends critical health data directly to 911 so that first responders can ascertain a senior’s status even before arriving on location. Caregivers receive location safety alerts designed for those who might wander due to dementia or Alzheimer’s. The app reminds loved ones to take their medications on time as well. Setting-up medication reminders is as easy as taking a picture of the pill bottle.

In addition, BUDDY notifies caregivers and emergency services if a Fitbit wearer’s heart rate rises above or drops below certain thresholds through code blue alerts. The app even has an easy-to-access SOS button for securing help without having to pick up a phone.

One of its most innovative features, BUDDY predicts potential adverse events through artificial intelligence and machine learning by measuring deviations in an individual’s baseline wellness patterns. When alerted, a loved one can be assessed by health professionals for possible issues, often before symptoms occur.



Janet Chong


Source: LiveFreely, Inc.