Life Coach & Pastor Douglas K Fletcher, PhD, Releases Inspiring New Book ‘The Only Prayer You’ll Ever Need: Unleashing Your Best Life’

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What a gift ‘The Only Prayer You’ll Ever Need’ is! It challenges the reader to examine the words of prayer and use them as a framework to achieve our best life.

As a trained life coach and pastor, author Douglas K Fletcher, PhD, is committed to working to deepen conversations and foster greater understanding of ourselves and others in churches, communities, workplaces, and families. Fletcher found in the Lord’s Prayer, a prayer often recited from memory in church on Sunday, a guide to a more meaningful daily life and a frame for our most important conversations with others.

In his book, “The Only Prayer You’ll Ever Need: Unleashing Your Best Life,” Fletcher shows how the Lord’s Prayer invites the reader into seven critical conversations about perspective, hope, trust, current wants and needs, forgiveness and generosity, self-awareness, and gratitude. These conversations offer a path to a fuller life and deeper relationships with others, and provide a way to reach across divisions and build bridges and relationships with people who may be very different from ourselves. These messages are much needed in today’s polarized world, and Fletcher’s book is a valuable resource for individuals, small groups, and congregation and community-wide conversations about important issues such as race relations and dealing with a pandemic.

“Many people are familiar with the Lord’s Prayer, but typically recite it and miss the extraordinary treasure hidden in front of us,” said Fletcher. “In fact, the prayer is a teaching prayer that invites us into seven conversations with God and to live with aspirations fully to become the people we were created to be, as well as to understand our profound connection with others.”

“What a gift ‘The Only Prayer You’ll Ever Need’ is! It challenges the reader to examine the words of prayer and use them as a framework to achieve our best life. Never have we needed this book more than in today’s challenging world of COVID-19 and this time of a necessary reckoning leading to racial and social unrest. Thank you, Douglas Fletcher, for inspiring us to reach greater heights through simple, transformative conversations with God.” – Jane T. Upshaw, distinguished chancellor emerita, University of South Carolina Beaufort, current chair of the Pat Conroy Literary Center Board of Directors

Fletcher also has a discussion guide that can be used along with his book for small groups that is available on his website,

“The Only Prayer You’ll Ever Need: Unleashing Your Best Life”
By Douglas K Fletcher, PhD
ISBN: 978-1-6642-2803-0 (sc); 978-1-6642-2804-7 (hc); 978-1-6642-2802-3 (e)
Available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, WestBow Press and

About the author
Born and reared in Iowa, Douglas K Fletcher, received a B.A. from Drake University and M.Div. and Ph.D. degrees from Princeton Theological Seminary. He served Presbyterian churches in Colorado, Tulsa, Oklahoma, Austin, Texas, and Hilton Head Island, South Carolina and has taught in the field of Biblical studies at universities in Oklahoma, Texas, and Zambia. Fletcher was also part of a Lilly Endowment Pastor-Theologian program with the Center of Theological Inquiry in Princeton, New Jersey. A trained life coach, Fletcher has been part of interfaith dialogues and is involved in his local community on the boards of the Community Foundation and Neighborhood Outreach Connection, an organization with innovative afterschool education programs. His wife, Wesla Liao Fletcher, an ordained Methodist minister, taught psychology at the University of South Carolina, Beaufort. They attend Campbell Chapel, an A.M.E. congregation in Bluffton, South Carolina and currently reside in Hilton Head Island.

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