Leading Ecommerce Accounting Tool A2X Launches eBay Managed Payments Connector

Now millions of eBay sellers can have accurate and automated eBay Managed Payments accounting thanks to A2X for eBay

A2X, the world’s leading ecommerce accounting connector, today launches a new eBay Managed Payments integration that syncs eBay seller stores into leading accounting tools QuickBooks and Xero. 

Many brands are looking to broaden revenue streams and even more so during COVID-19. With employees in lockdown and the rise of remote working, thousands of online sellers are turning to eBay as a sales channel, and an alternative to Amazon.

To help these online businesses grow, A2X, the industry leader in ecommerce accounting and trusted by merchants and accountants, recently launched a QuickBooks eBay and Xero eBay integration: A2X for eBay.

A2X is designed to free up time, with accounting for transactions made on the platform. The app links eBay seller’s interface with their cloud accounting system, supporting eBay merchants like never before.

Selling on eBay is a great opportunity for an online business. However, in order for it to be successful and seamless, the foundations need to be laid and a strategy set in place when entering the market from the outset.

Innovative Accounting Automation and eBay Bookkeeping Made Easy for Sellers

A common challenge for eBay sellers is keeping up with accounts as their online business grows. Manually entering orders, fees, refunds and other transactions into their cloud accounting system takes a vast amount of time and can be a massive barrier to progress.

By using cloud-based software A2X for eBay, and integrating accounting software – Xero for eBay or Quickbooks for eBay, sellers spend less time on manual data uploads and consistently receive accurate data.

“A2X categorizes your transactions and sends them to Xero or QuickBooks in tidy summaries that match your eBay Managed Payments, down to the cent. No more stressing over why transactions don’t match your bank deposits.” – A2X

Customers say they are saving up to 20 hours of manual work every month, which is incredible. A2X’s new bookkeeping integration is set to change the landscape for eBay sellers and their accountants.

The app takes on the heavy lifting for businesses, so they can focus on growth, knowing that their eBay financials are 100% accurate.

To find out more about A2X for eBay and to sign up for a free trial, head over to: https://www.a2xaccounting.com/ebay

Source: A2X