Lauren Rathbun’s “Into You” is an Unabashedly Charming Joyride Through the ‘70s

New York, NY, August 06, 2021 –(– Lauren Rathbun’s new single “Into You” is a cheery, sweet romp through the most captivating adventures of the 1970s. Lauren’s thrilling homage to this bygone era features tons of familiar beats, classic country melodies, and instrumentation that’s brimming with charisma through and through. It’s a joyride of a melody that relies on energy as much as its rich lyrical narrative and vocal showcase. Rathbun approaches the verses with a gratifying edginess which complements the bass line as well as the playing chords on the electric guitars. The melody builds slowly over the course of the composition, with a cascade of percussion and hard-hitting strokes on the piano.

Uptempo production buoys the song through the ecstatic highs of the rock ‘n’ roll era. Rathbun shines throughout with a sincere, hearty voice. The bridge of the piece is perhaps the most appealing, with Rathbun’s vocals soaring through the high notes with ease and a boisterous guitar solo hammering the 70s-era vigor all the harder.

The project is being released by New York City-based Young Pals Music, helmed by producer Ayhan Sahin and mastered by Ryan Smith at New York City’s Sterling Sound.

The track was produced by Sahin, founder of Young Pals Music, and written by Rathbun and Sahin. The production includes a posse of New York City-based renowned musicians: Mike Sorrentino on drums, Carras Paton on bass and sax, Gene Blank on guitars, and Rob Preuss on piano and synth. Keith Fluitt and Jerri Bocchino are on backing vocals.

Sahin notes: “The journey of writing and making a song is for me the most rewarding work. For ‘Into You’ we had a very specific model to start with. But throughout the two years we worked on the song, it went to a completely new place. We were open to new ideas and had the flexibility to adjust our initial model to the time-changing experiences in our lives.”

As a whole, the tune is designed to send listeners down memory lane. Rathbun adds: “Finishing this song during the pandemic was somewhat informative upon its style because we were eager to produce something uplifting during such uncertain times. I hope listeners experience the same amount of joy and elation as we had creating it.”