Labroots Unveils Cutting-Edge Scientific Agenda at its 10th Annual Genetics Virtual Week, April 19-21, 2022

Genetics Virtual Week, April 19-21

Labroots, the leading scientific social networking website, offering premier interactive virtual events and webinars, today announces its 10th annual Genetics Virtual Week on April 19-21, 2022. Labroots continues to pave the way in offering a comprehensive, up-to-date, view in the evolving areas of diagnostics, genomics, precision medicine, and translational health at this important event for the scientific community.

The 2022 Genetics Virtual Week is the place to be to discover recent developments and innovations covered in sessions discussing topics such as advancements in genomic technologies, sex, epigenetics, aging and disease, long-read sequencing, new approaches in the genetics of disease, technologies and methodologies in molecular diagnostics, liquid biopsies, infectious disease diagnostics – COVID-19 testing, precision medicine in clinical practice, and the role of technology in precision medicine. This global conference includes leading industry and academic institutions on the program agenda, revealing incredible and insightful innovations to an audience of top scientists, research scholars, physicians, clinicians, medical and lab professionals, and bioinformaticians.

Thousands of conference attendees will have the opportunity to explore how ongoing genetic discoveries and cutting-edge molecular diagnostics play a critical role in empowering physicians and patients. This information can influence health outcomes and ensure patients benefit from novel therapies and chart a course toward a brighter future for patients, health systems and personalized medicine.

The first day of the conference offers presentations by significant leaders focused on Genomics, and a keynote address titled, ‘Ultra-Rapid Nanopore Whole Genome Sequencing in a Critical Care Setting’ by Dr. John E. Gorzynski, a Scientist at Stanford University. The keynote will focus on elucidating how genetic diagnosis can impact clinical care. Shortly thereafter, a co-keynote panel presentation titled, ‘Towards Newborn Screening by Whole Genome Sequencing’ will be shared by both Dr. Thomas Defay, Deputy Head, Diagnostics Strategy and Development at Alexion Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and Dr. Stephen Kingsmore, President and CEO at Rady’s Children’s Institute for Genomic Medicine.

Regarding his keynote, Dr. John E. Gorzynski explained that, “Nanopore genome sequencing and cloud computing has enabled ultra-rapid genetic diagnosis, and when applied in a critical care setting can be lifesaving for critically ill patients. During my keynote presentation, I will share with the audience how these technologies were used and how genetic diagnosis can impact critical care.”

Kicking off day two, our speakers will highlight the topic of precision medicine with other informative talks. Dr. Balazs Halmos, Professor of Oncology and Associate Director of Clinical Research, Montefiore Medical Center, will present a keynote titled, ‘Laboratory Assessment of COVID-19 Immunity in Patients with a Cancer Diagnosis: Alpha to Omicron.’ This keynote will discuss risk factors for poor outcomes amongst patients with a cancer diagnosis and COVID-19, followed closely by another keynote presentation, ‘Precision Medicine as a Population Health Tactic’ by Dr. Howard L. McLeod, Executive Clinical Director for Precision Health at Intermountain Healthcare.

“Possibly no other patient population has suffered as much from the impact of the COVID pandemic than patients with a cancer diagnosis,” said Dr. Balazs Halmos, Professor of Oncology and Associate Director of Clinical Research, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Montefiore Medical Center. “Through focused research, fortunately we have been able to learn tremendous amounts as to both patient subsets at particularly high risk from COVID-19 calling for special efforts for protection as well as laboratory markers of post-COVID and vaccine-induced immunity allowing proper targeting of additional efforts towards at-risk patient populations. At this conference, we will have the chance to comprehensively review available data and emerging knowledge as to proper laboratory surrogates of immunity.”

Dr. Howard McLeod, Executive Clinical Director for Precision Health at Intermountain Healthcare states that, “Precision medicine has brought great opportunities to optimize a patient’s health through early disease risk detection, safer medication choices, and clearer lifestyle choice.” However, he adds “it has also come with problems of data overload, high degrees of complexity, and dynamic changes in standards of practice. The key is a practical approach to maximize value in ways that are not necessarily flashy but need to efficiently make clinician and patient’s lives better.”

Day three wraps up the event, bringing even more thought-provoking lectures by an extraordinary lineup of speakers related to molecular diagnostics. Among other topics they will cover hypoxia biomarkers, advances in liquid biopsy technologies, and recent advances in lyophilized qPCR reagents.

“Labroots recognizes the importance of our continued success as we strive to bring critical educational content to the forefront serving as a catalyst once again while expanding our reach in genetics, genomics and precision medicine communities,” said Greg Cruikshank, Chief Executive Officer of Labroots. “For ten years now, we have been delighted to endure such thought-leaders on a global stage sharing breakthroughs leading to groundbreaking therapies and innovative strategies and technologies all aimed in improving patient care and advancing the future of cancer care and outcomes.”

Produced on Labroots’ comprehensive platform, while connecting across all desktop and mobile devices, the interactive conference environment provides a lobby with leaderboard and gamification, an auditorium featuring live-streaming video webcasts with live attendee chats during scheduled presentations, an exhibit hall, an interactive poster hall, and a networking lounge with social media wall and photo booth, offering participants an enriched learning experience.

By attending this event, Continuing Education credit (1 per presentation) can be earned for a maximum of 50 credits. This event will also provide CEU’s for Genetic Counselors and is pending approval by the NSGC.

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