La Roca FC Dominates 2020 Fall State Cup and Finishes the Year on Top

La Roca Futbol Club continues to lead Utah in most State Cup wins.

La Roca FC Dominates 2020 Fall State Cup and Finishes the Year on Top

South Weber, UT, December 23, 2020 –(– After a year marked by an interrupted spring season, constant protocol changes, cancelled training sessions, and field closures due to COVID-19, La Roca FC held its top spot as Utah’s most awarded soccer club in Utah for State Cup Championships. In fifteen short years, La Roca FC has tallied 73 State Cup wins between the girls and the boys, adding three more State Cup champion titles in October, to finish the year on top.

Along with every other soccer club in the nation, La Roca FC faced the challenge of trying to maintain stability and progression during the pandemic. Forced to change the traditional way soccer clubs run their programs, La Roca’s leadership showed extreme agility and creativeness in quickly transitioning to a robust four day/week online training for over 120 teams. By facilitating and fostering an attitude of good fortune when permitted to practice and play, La Roca FC seized every opportunity to train and move forward. La Roca FC maintained its focus and perseverance by helping coaches provide a structured approach to meet the needs of teams and individual players.

As the UYSA 2020 Boys State Cup played out and teams were systematically eliminated, La Roca FC’s Founder and Technical Director, Adolfo Ovalle found himself in a unique position – facing one of his own coaches in the 2006 Boys Finals. “We weren’t even sure if State Cup would happen this year or what to expect,” said Ovalle. “To have four teams in the Finals in three age groups was truly unprecedented. No matter the outcome, it would be a win-win situation for La Roca FC as we were assured another victory. But, as the true competitor I am, I wanted to win this for my boys. It was a great game, and if I had to lose, I’m glad it was to another La Roca FC team coached by my friend Danny Acosta.”

Experiencing his first State Cup win and the first win for the La Roca Salt Lake County division, coach Danny Acosta said, “It has been an incredibly emotional journey with my 2006 boys. I’ve been with many of these boys for six years and we’ve been through a lot together. They have stuck by me through thick and thin. They deserved this win, and I couldn’t be more proud of them. I’m so grateful to be part of La Roca and associate with and compete against a true class act like Adolfo Ovalle. We found our home with La Roca.”

Upon winning his 18th State Cup Championship this year, La Roca FC coach Pancho Ovalle said, “Every State Cup Championship is special – it never gets old and it’s never easy. This year was especially sweet since I hadn’t coached a boys’ team for ten years. I took over this team at tryouts. The team was a little unstable, and to be honest, we got off to a rocky start. It was truly a remarkable achievement to work with these boys for such a short amount of time and take them all the way to win the finals.”

David Chevez also experienced another State Cup Championship this year by winning the U18 division with his 2003 boys. David has had much success during his La Roca FC career marking his 11th State Cup Finals win. David carries the unique distinction of being the first coach in the State of Utah to win the USYS President’s Cup Nationals in 2011 with his U17 girls’ team.

La Roca FC is optimistic about the future and ready to embark on a new year carrying forward the invaluable lessons learned in 2020; most importantly, the significance of positive attitude and the willingness to adapt through any of life’s circumstances. La Roca FC’s leadership also learned that being creative, agile and working as a team is the most important lesson on and off the field.

“Demonstrating leadership, a positive attitude and focus gives our youth the assurance that they can make it through the hardest of times and still have success,” said La Roca FC Founder, Adolfo Ovalle. “We never know what life is going to throw at us, but how we deal with it, sums up who we are. We, here at La Roca, are fighters.”

About La Roca FC
La Roca Futbol Club was established in 2005 to provide a quality competitive youth soccer program in Utah and has grown to become the most successful club in the state with more State Cup Championship titles than any other club in the state. La Roca FC trains serious youth soccer players who desire an opportunity to develop and showcase his/her skills to the fullest potential. To date, La Roca has produced 16 professional players both domestically and internationally. La Roca FC offers players a chance to play at the highest level of state competition and compete in various regional and national tournaments and leagues. La Roca is a 501(c)(3) corporation under the direction of its Board of Directors.

For more information visit, or contact Heidi Wheelwright at the La Roca FC office: 801-825-6040.