Klika Says Trampolines Still the Family Entertainment of Choice

Trampoline sales have hit an all-time high as Australian families enjoy a newer, safer version of this much-loved backyard staple

Since entering the home market back in 1975, the popularity of trampolines had steadily grown with each generation of users. That was until the COVID-19 global pandemic, which saw an absolute explosion in demand for the humble trampoline.

Many Australian families have sought ways to entertain their children as they were confined to their homes for the majority of 2020 under strict lockdown measures. And it looks as though the trampolines will only continue to become more popular as time goes on.

According to online retailer Klika, modern trampoline sales are the highest they’ve ever been, with an estimated 50,000 trampolines sold in Australia each year.

A key element to this popularity is that the trampolines of today are among the safest they’ve ever been. Innovations including safety nets attached to the frames, padding for the springs, and easily locking legs designed to provide extra safety.

With many children closely attached to their digital devices, kids trampolines are one of the few forms of entertainment that can get them off the screen and into the backyard with friends. Jumping on a trampoline is also a great form of fitness for children and can help improve their balance and coordination.

With trampolines as large as 16 feet now available from retailers like Klika, they’re also popular with adults. Whether the trampoline is large or small, it’s a recognised form of effective low-impact exercise, used by health-conscious and time-poor parents as a fun and effective way to work out at home. Getting on a trampoline is also a good way for parents to bond with kids through exercise.

Klika has been selling its range of Kahuna trampolines in Australia for years, and even allows customers to customise their trampoline. Before purchasing, shoppers can select different sizes and shapes, mat designs, pad colours and accessory choices using a 3D tool. The service is intended to create a more engaging experience for customers.

“We’re always looking at innovative and fresh ways to keep our customers engaged and excited about shopping with us,” said Leo Zaitsev, Director of Commercial Operations at Klika.

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