Klarisana Brings Revolutionary Mental Health Treatment to Westminster, Colorado

Klarisana, leading pioneers in the field of ketamine treatment, have recently launched a new location in Westminster, Colorado. With their innovative use of intramuscular ketamine treatment, Klarisana stands poised to make this cutting-edge treatment more accessible than ever before.

Klarisana’s newest location will serve to make this treatment more available to patients in the Denver-metro area.

The team at Klarisana recognize that now more than ever, the rising rates of those struggling with mental health cannot be ignored. By offering ketamine through intramuscular administration, Klarisana is ready to step up to the plate and play their part in healing society as a whole from these invisible conditions that most affect the ones we love.

Klarisana is the first ketamine-based provider to work in-network with Medicaid in the state of Colorado, making this revolutionary treatment accessible to a cascade of new people who otherwise might not have received this innovative treatment for their condition.

The team at Klarisana is committed to helping people rebuild their lives with ketamine. They are well-equipped to provide this therapy, having already done over 250 sessions of intramuscular ketamine treatment.

“In short, switching to IM allows us to increase access,” explains Neil Haznar, Executive Director of Klarisana. “IM is much more cost-effective to administer with far fewer overhead expenses. This has allowed us to participate with third party payors such as Colorado Medicaid that we could not have previously worked with in an economically sustainable fashion. Even for those patients who do not have insurance we were able to cut our cash-pay price by 25%. All of these things allow us to deliver this very progressive treatment to a much larger group of Americans.”

Since 2015, Klarisana have been pioneers of ketamine therapy for the treatment of mental health and pain conditions. Founded five years ago by Dr. Carl J. Bonnett, Klarisana’s team has extensive experience in the administration of ketamine-assisted psychotherapy thanks to new team members like Dr. Desi Wallington, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist.

Dr. Wallington further details the essential nature of this treatment. “We as a country have been through a huge collective trauma. The Centers for Disease Control reported in August that over 40% of adults that they surveyed reported adverse mental health effects from the COVID-19 pandemic. They also found that the percentage of adults reporting anxiety was three times as high as last year and the percentage of those reporting significant depression was four times as high as last year. Even more, concerning was the CDC report shows that adults reporting suicidal ideation after COVID-19 was twice as high as they found in 2018. We need innovative and progressive treatments like ketamine to help our nation deal with its mental health crisis. Ketamine represents a very different paradigm in treatment because we are not just trying to tweak a person’s brain chemistry but rather we are leveraging the ‘experiential’ aspect of ketamine to change a person’s thought paradigm and create a transformational experience.”

About Klarisana: Klarisana is a mission-driven organization committed to rebuilding lives. We operate on the core belief that each of us was created with a purpose and reason for living. This purpose can be obscured in people who carry the burden of various medical conditions and/or life circumstances. The way we see it, Klarisana is not a clinic. It’s an idea.

It’s the idea that we can help people who are in a dark season of life realign themselves with the unique mission for which each of them was created. We serve patients from very diverse backgrounds in a supportive and non-judgmental fashion.

If you or a loved one would like to learn more about Klarisana please contact them today.

Neil Haznar

Executive Director


Source: Klarisana