Kino for the Community: Bringing People, Businesses, Schools Back Together Virtually

Raviv Nadav, CEO, Kino by Kinetx Co announces Kino for the Community partnerships

Raviv Nadav, CEO, Kino by Kinetx Co

“We’re using our Kino technology to help people get back to that sense of community connection,” Raviv Nadav, CEO, Kino by Kinetx Co.

Kino by Kinetx Co is proud to announce its Kino for the Community program, dedicated to encouraging and underwriting community engagement.

As a community advocate and resource, Kino is supporting businesses through partnerships and by sponsoring incentives to help bring people back after the long pandemic lockdown. Using the Kino streaming video platform, even people who can’t or aren’t ready to return in person can enjoy visiting neighborhood businesses.

“We’re all about keeping people connected and engaged. During and even as we start to come out of lockdown, we can see so many neighborhood businesses struggling because they’re about community as much as they’re about doing business,” says Kinetx Founder and CEO Raviv Nadav. “We’re using our technology to help people get back to that sense of community connection, seeing people you know, and truly engaging.”

A video streaming chat platform, Kino can be used by businesses, schools, and individuals to connect virtually in a way that feels more natural and personal than traditional video conferencing services.

Kino is also partnering with the Illinois Digital Education Alliance (IDEA), to offer enhanced virtual learning spaces for a richer virtual learning experience.

“We’re very excited to partner with IDEA as we believe Kino is a perfect application for virtual learning spaces,” says Nadav. “This will allow students and teachers to interact much as they do when they’re in the physical classroom, while giving them another way to be more creative in their use of visual tools.”

Other businesses that have taken advantage of the Kino for the Community program have included bars hosting a happy hour cocktail mixing tutorial, yoga instructors bringing people together for a group yoga experience, and a restaurant sending patrons a meal to enjoy together via Kino.

Paint the Town has also partnered with Kino to provide painting lessons over live video sessions.

“We initially created Kino to allow people to have a more natural social experience over a streaming video platform. We now use it every day to bring all our offices together—whether offshore or across the city–and have many clients who do, too,” notes Nadav. “It’s been heartbreaking to see local businesses struggle through the pandemic and we would love to help as many as possible start bringing people back together.”

To participate in Kino for the Community, click here. Kino will cover the cost of an incentive offered by a business, nonprofit organization, or other community group and provide its video chat platform free as a service to the community.

About Kino
Kino by Kinetx Co is a video chat platform designed for conversations, a fluid environment where participants can communicate and shape their virtual experience as they see fit. Kino’s free and affordable platform levels include a focus feature that gives every Kino participant in a larger group call the ability to “step aside” from the group to have a chat with another call participant or more while remaining on the call—and then return back to the larger group. By allowing users to interact more naturally in a group video conversation, Kino makes the virtual feel personal. For more information: Follow Kino: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

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