Kforce Study: How the Great Resignation is Shaping the Future of Work

In a recently released eBook, Kforce uses data and expert advice to reimagine the Great Resignation as a Great Opportunity.

A great opportunity now exists for job seekers and employers to shape the future of work by choosing which pandemic-era lessons we carry forward and which changes we leave behind.

The COVID-19 pandemic is giving people a rare chance to examine every aspect of their lives, causing many to quit their jobs and pursue new passions. This trend is creating opportunities for employees and companies alike, according to research from professional solutions firm Kforce.

This workforce phenomenon was dubbed the “Great Resignation” by a Texas A&M professor in May 2021. Associate Professor Anthony Klutz predicted that people who chose to shelter-in-job for stability throughout the pandemic were now preparing to quit.

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics seemed to support this. April 2021 saw a record-setting 4 million resignations nationwide. 

In a recently released eBook, Kforce experts reveal five data-supported opportunities that will arise in this new era. 

“A great opportunity now exists for job seekers and employers to shape the future of work by choosing which pandemic-era lessons we carry forward and which changes we leave behind,” according to the study.

Here’s a look at three of these trends.

  • Work-life balance is out, work-life fluidity is in

In a recent Kforce survey of 1,500 job seekers nationwide, 70% of candidates said they would be most interested in flexible hours or the freedom to choose where they work when considering a job offer.  

“Work-life fluidity is really creating more of a coexisting balance between work and life: that an employee can definitely have it all, but they now must set different boundaries…since many are working and living in the same place,” said Lindsay Weakley, Kforce’s Senior Vice President of Talent Acquisition. 

Previously, many people compartmentalized their days into work-life and home-life with little room to transition between the two during the day, Weakley said. That structure has gone out the window as employees switch rapidly between their daily tasks, jumping from school pick-up lines to conference calls to errands to team meetings.

  • Embrace new strategies to identify and attract top talent

As the Great Resignation persists, employees are empowered to build careers driven by personal motivators and choices. Companies have an opportunity to respond to this phenomenon by embracing innovative methods of attracting and retaining talent.

“Organizations should expand their scope beyond local talent,” said Greg Glass, Kforce’s Senior Vice President of Human Resources. “By embracing hybrid and/or remote models, companies open themselves to a more diversely qualified pool of candidates.”

Glass also stressed the importance of companies clearly communicating their corporate values, diversity and inclusion strategies, and social impact. More than 80% of Kforce survey respondents said an organization’s mission, vision, values and corporate social responsibility practices were very important to them when considering a job offer.  

  • Talent development is crucial for establishing dynamic workforces

One of the most significant shifts in this pandemic era is an increased focus on performance and impact versus the time spent in-seat. However, the diminished in-person face time means employees must put more effort into self-advocating, building trust with leadership and making their contributions known. Employees are hungry for development opportunities and are eager to expand their skillsets.

In fact, 65% of survey respondents said the pandemic made them want to grow their skills. Luckily, in today’s virtual work landscape, continuous learning is not only widely available, but also highly popular.

“At Kforce, we strive to support our people in building the career that works for them — and we do this based on a foundation of trust, technology and empowerment,” Glass said. “Organizations that strive to do the same will be well-positioned going forward.”

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