Kelly Legal Group Predicts Austin Will Remain The Commercial Real Estate Market Leader in U.S

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Home sales in Austin are soaring, with the median home price rising above $550,000.00 – a price this area has never seen before. It’s no wonder why it has caught the attention of foreign investors who seem to be targeting apartment buildings and warehouse landings as their top investments, though not limiting their options.

Since the beginning of the year, the real estate growth in Austin has been breaking all-time records in cost and number of homes sold. When compared with the stagnant market of 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic and the many shelter-in-place orders, sales are up 30-50% – or more. This is both proof of a great recovery and a sign of future growth in the area.

A pandemic-driven trend of people moving out of heavily-populated urban areas and moving more toward tertiary cities like Austin has likely sparked much of this interest. The population here has grown considerably over the last year – and more than 579,000 in the last decade according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Investors – especially foreign investors – pay close attention to these trends and are hoping to capitalize on them.

Austin has been a tech hub for many years, but Apple’s new headquarters will be opening its doors in the city in 2022 – which only adds to the fire. So, as the real estate market soars and rent and lease prices increase, foreign investors are honing into what is sure to be some profitable changes in the U.S.

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