Just in Time for Back-to-School, Eifrig Publishing Helps Kids Process What They Have Lost and Learned During the Pandemic with a New Book, “The Extraordinary Pause”

Lemont, PA, September 07, 2021 –(PR.com)– Just in time for the start of the second new school year to begin during the pandemic, The Extraordinary Pause, written by Sara Sadik and illustrated by Karine Jaber, presents a helpful tool for discussing how the past year of virtual learning, social distancing, lost play dates, and a new and different normal has left its mark on relationships within the family, friends, and communities. Students, some of whom have not been in the classroom for over a year, will be coming together again this fall after one of the most challenging years that any of us has experienced. It simultaneously but the brakes on the rapid pace of life, while also leaving us with a sensation of time racing by. It has been especially tough on kids as they lost their playdates and playground fun, celebrations and special events, in-class learning and extracurricular activities. There will be a lot of adjusting necessary as they navigate a return to the classroom.

What all did they lose during this past year? What new ways of interacting and learning did they discover? What changed at home, and how did school life change? What will they take with them into the “new normal?”

“As a mother of three, I have been constantly needing to highlight the positive attributes of our pandemic life to distract them from the sudden changes to the world around them. I now witness them carrying on the perspective of seeing through other hardships they are facing—and am amazed.” -Sara Sadik

Whether reflecting on what was lost or gained, this book is a wonderful tool for discussing the physical, mental, and emotional impact of this extraordinary event. The text is complimented with thoughtful and poignant illustrations with a minimal color palette and plenty to explore for the young audiences, as well as a few talking points to help kids reflect and remember this experience.

The Extraordinary Pause is a keepsake testament of the pandemic of 2020-2021 and a tribute to the simple and remarkable efforts people made in the face of the unexpected and unknown. The English edition will be released on September 15, 2021, to be followed by translations in Spanish, German, French and Arabic this fall.
All editions will be available at Eifrig Publishing (www.eifrigpublishing.com), on amazon, B&N, and at select stores, including Webster’s Bookstore Cafe. (Hardcover $16.99, paperback $12.99, ebook $6.99)

About Author Sara Sadik
An optimist at heart, Sara tries to see the silver lining in the darkest situations. This was put to the test during the pandemic and in the many challenges of homeschooling three kids ages 3-6. This idea for this book developed in between lockdowns, dance-offs, and COVID testing. When she is not writing, Sara is a public speaker and works to promote reading and writing to children.

About Illustrator Karine Jaber
Juggling life balance is something Karine is used to. Mom of two young boys, full time creative director, graphic designer and illustrator, she found in quarantine a time to breathe and take a step back from the routine and chaos of a 9-to-5 job. Despite the fear and uncertainties that came during the pandemic, she can now say that she learned a lesson or two from the resilience of her kids and recognizes the importance of appreciating the moment.