Junk Removal Puyallup Business Owner Gives Back to Homeless Veterans

Veteran junk removal service owner gives back to a cause close to home, Tacoma Rescue Mission’s work for veterans experiencing homelessness, this holiday season.

Jeremy Hostleter is the local owner of Hoss Junk Removal, a junk removal Puyallup company that specializes in removal of appliances, debris, waste and junk from homes and businesses that need help getting rid of unwanted items and clutter. A local alternative to nationwide junk removal corporations and companies, Hoss offers an honest and Puyallup focused service model that helps people get rid of unwanted items quickly and safely.

When he’s not on a jobsite or taking phone calls, Mr. Hostleter typically devotes much of his time to volunteering. Some organizations he has consistently done volunteer work for include Team Rubicon and the Red Cross. Speaking specifically about Team Rubicon, Jeremy said “as a veteran myself, I have a passion for helping other vets who are in need.” He went on to say “it’s hard to see so many veterans come home from the battlefield and get stuck in bad situations, because I know how easily that can happen firsthand.”

While he has continued to volunteer consistently in 2020, Jeremy felt that this year especially he wanted to do more for another charity, considering the effect that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on so many here in the Pierce County area, especially those who were already or are now experiencing homelessness. Over one hundred members of the homeless population of Pierce County are reported to be veterans as well, driving the issue closer to home for Jeremy. 

To help more with this issue specifically, Jeremy has chosen to support and shout out another charity doing great work in the Pierce County area: Tacoma Rescue Mission. “This organization is doing great work to help homeless veterans who need assistance with their shelter space, counseling and partnerships with the U.S. Veterans Affairs Administration,” Jeremy told us. 

“Not only are they giving homeless veterans shelter, they also help them get back on their feet by counseling them and helping connect them to outside resources so they can get work once they’re ready,” Jeremy continued. “Especially with how hard this year has been, organizations like this need support to keep on doing great work. I would encourage others to consider volunteering or donating this holiday season, if they are able.”

If you need junk removal services in Pierce County for your home or business, visit hossjunkremoval.com or call 253-201-2789 for more information about pricing.

Source: Hoss Junk Removal