Jim Glaser Law’s Good News Newsletter Spreads Positivity Across New England

On a mission to bring good news to the people of New England during a time when it’s needed the most, Jim Glaser Law created the Good News Newsletter and recently launched the inaugural email. The monthly email newsletter was developed to help spread positivity and shine a light on good things being done by good people in communities across the region.

Good News For You, From You

This year, the news cycle has been primarily dominated by stories about COVID-19, political and social unrest, and more. In a time of fear, uncertainty, and social isolation, Attorney Jim Glaser knows that a little good news can make a big difference, so they’ve decided to send it directly to the inboxes of over 20,000 New Englanders once a month.

“As a personal injury attorney, I work with good people who are facing life-altering challenges every single day. Combined with the turmoil our nation is facing, it’s easy to lose hope and lose sight of what matters. We care about our community, and we created this newsletter to help bring positivity and good news to our neighbors,” says Attorney Jim Glaser.

Attorney Jim Glaser hopes that the newsletter will serve as a reminder that, despite the challenges we’re all facing, there are still good people out in the world doing good things, even when we may not realize it.

Whether it’s a random act of kindness from a stranger, something admirable done by a local organization, or even just an extra special birthday, if you or anyone you know has good news they want to share, Attorney Jim Glaser wants to hear it! You can submit your story here.

The Inaugural Newsletter

The inaugural edition of the Good News Newsletter featured first submissions from Massachusetts locals Jaelynn L. and Eeelyn T. Jaelynn wanted her community to know that despite everything going on in the world right now, she and her friends and family and pets still have so much love for each other. Eeelyn shared the news that they have been learning a lot in school, fostering their intellectual skills.

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